Web Development and Marketing Company to Produce Viral Content

web development and marketing company
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Viral content is an important part of your digital marketing strategy. And if you’re not sure how to produce a piece of content that generates a copious amount of brand awareness and traffic to your site, then hire a web development and marketing companyIt’s not easy to create viral content that gets a lot of shares, likes, and comments. The most prolific creators work with a marketing company to help them achieve their goals. 


Web Development and Marketing Company to Drive Most Shares 

Viral content is cheap. You can run an expensive ad but the results may not be as impressive compared to producing viral content. Unfortunately, it’s challenging to produce a piece of content that will attract shares, likes, and comments. Stirring controversy is an easy way to produce this type of content. But it may hurt your brand. To go viral, there are several practices you may have to consider. 

One is to focus on trending topics. Your topic is key to creating viral content. But where to find a growing topic? Easy. Just go to Google Trends and type in the topic you wish to tackle. If that topic is growing, it’s an indication that it’s a trending topic. However, it’s not sufficient to just search for a growing topic. You can choose to create content about that topic but it still won’t go viral if you don’t write a perfect headline. 

web development and marketing companyWhat makes you click a post when you see it on social media or Google search? The title. That is what drives you to click it. Thus, even though the content is important, the headline can influence the outcome. One way to create a viral headline is to use a number in your title. You may also choose to add brackets to your title. This trick is also effective in getting more clicks and shares. 

Now, after choosing a trending topic and a viral headline, you need to hook your visitors. One way to do that is to create a captivating intro. Keep in mind that your visitors won’t read your entire post. They just look at your intro. And if they’re not convinced, they’ll leave. Hence, to hook your readers and entice them to stay on your site for a lot longer, then choose to write an intro that’s compelling and interesting. And ensure that the content is readable. It means that you have to use colorful visuals and opt to write short sentences. 


Should It be a Long-Form Content? 

Longer content has better chances to go viral than short content. However, it doesn’t mean that you write a 2,000-word post just to go viral. Then again, it increases the odds of it going viral and improves your site’s traffic. If you follow these tips, you’re likely to create a post that can go viral. Then again, it still depends on how you promote your content. And this where hiring a web development and marketing company becomes beneficial. Website Depot will manage all your content and make it viral. Talk to us to know more about how we can help your business: (888) 477-9540