What Web Design Trends in 2016 You Must Avoid?

Web Design Trends
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Web design trends are like fashion trends. They do come and go. Trends in web designing can be a necessity or an industry shift. When following a trend, make sure that you’re doing it based on the needs of your business and your users.

In other words, you must never follow a pattern based on the fact that it’s fresh and every cool site online is developing it. You must remember that fads fade easily. When your site follows trends, they become out of date quickly.

So, what are the Web Design trends in 2016 that you must avoid?


They are found everywhere. Carousels do add visual interest. They also reduce clutter. But they can overwhelm your users.

Carousels aren’t only a bad design, but they are also not good for your SEO. Remember that Google is no longer crawling meta keywords. Thus, it takes keyword information from the page itself.

Apart from that, carousels also affect the loading time of your page as most carousels contain high-resolution images. Most of them aren’t optimized.

But don’t eliminate them in your design yet. They can still work as long as they’re carefully designed and optimized. In this way, it won’t compromise user experience.

Parallax websites

Just like carousels, they, too, are found everywhere. But their beauty is now dead. Some web design blogs are eliminating tutorials about parallax.

Parallax websites are ideal for introducing your product or service. The problem with this design comes in when you use it to replace regular website that has lots of content. This design loads up one single page, rather than separating contents.

They also tend to be heavy in loading your files. And if your users have slow Internet connection, they’d despise your site and would never visit again.

Then again, parallax design can captivate your audience when done right.

Web Design Trends

Floating Elements

They can be floating social media icons or sidebar ads. But this type of design is bad if your visitors are viewing your site on a small screen as they can’t see your content fully. It’s also considered as obnoxious.

Regarding design, it doesn’t look superb.


They are evil. They’re almost the same as splash pages, which have become ancient. However, if your site needs them, they must only be implemented carefully. Although they do work, most web users hate them.

As long as the pop-ups you provide have value, your visitors will keep on falling for them. But try to avoid them as much as you can.

These web design trends are not necessarily evil. They only tend to be wrong if they are used excessively.