Web Design: The Store for People Who Can’t Get to the Store 

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Have you gone to the store recently? How much did you have to go through just to do it safely? If you’re like other conscientious folks, you put on a mask and gloves. Then, when you get to the store, you maintain social distancing, possibly even following markings on the floor/other measures the store itself has taken. Even if you do so, you’ll almost invariably be at higher risk of getting sick than you would be if you stayed at home. It certainly makes sense that plenty of people are still shopping from home, waiting for things to calm down before they head out. 

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With that said, are they able to find your business online? It’s one thing to click on a social media link, but it’s something else entirely to buy something from an optimized website. Web design was always important to your business. Today, it’s more important than ever. 


A Store, Showroom, Catalog, First Impression, and Much More 


Those are just a few of the functions that your website serves. Online, it’s the store, catalog, whatever you want to call it. It’s what your potential customers will look through as they make their final determination of whether or not to buy from you. 


A website also makes a real first impression. Social media, in my experience at least, functions as a kind of advertisement. It draws your attention and maybe piques your interest enough to actually check the business out. 


Once I’m actually at the website, though, that’s where I make the final determination of whether or not to buy. That’s just like I would do if I were physically in a store. Also, just like in a store, the website design means so much.


Optimized Website = Optimal Store 

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When you walk into a store that isn’t clean, it doesn’t exactly fill you with confidence that this business will be able to provide you with what you need. Stains on the floors, marks on the walls, disorganized, hard to find products, unhelpful staff — we’ve all been in stores like that. Moreover, we’ve all rarely (if ever) gone back into stores like that, too. 


The same goes for websites. Sure, there may not be “stains on the floor,” so to speak, but you aren’t likely to stick around a website where everything takes forever to load. That, of course, is if it loads at all. “Disorganized, hard to find products” is annoying when it happens in a physical store, but downright frustrating when it happens on a website. 


When you’re in a physical store that doesn’t meet your expectations, unfortunately, you can’t press a couple buttons and then magically find yourself in another, better store. That happens online all the time. There are steps you can take to make sure it doesn’t happen to your business. 


Web Design to Fit Your Business 


Web design, like so many other parts of this industry, has to fit your company. A car dealership wouldn’t be run out of a two-room store in a strip mall. Consequently, a printing company wouldn’t need a sprawling, two-story building for their business to be successful. 


We’ve helped companies in practically every kind of industry there is to have a website that fits their company right. So, drawing on that experience, we can help you with your website, too. Of course, while our company is called “Website Depot,” it’s not like websites are the only thing we can help with. See what a full-service digital marketing company can do at (888) 477-9540.