Web Design that Connects Quickly and Maintains that Connection  

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“You need to grab a potential customer’s attention immediately!”

You’ve probably heard that in regards to social media. 

Maybe you’ve heard it in reference to the beginning of a blog or article. 

You’ve certainly heard that about email marketing, whether it was in reference to the subject line, what it offered, etc. 

Once you get someone’s attention, however, it takes quite a bit to keep it, too. 

That’s true in writing. 

It’s also true in web design

Getting someone to your site is one thing. Making them interested enough to look around is something else. Actually sealing the deal and having them make a purchase is the end, but it can be a long road to get there. 



A study found that’s how many pages someone visits when they go to a website. 

That includes every page. 

So, say someone went to a site to buy a gift. 

Maybe they went to the home page (one) then checked out a few of the gifts (two, three, and four) then finally purchased something (five). 

Or, alternatively, maybe they went to a different site, looked around a bit, couldn’t find what they were looking for, and left.

To be perfectly honest, when I read that number, it felt a bit large to me. 

I thought: “that feels too high.” 

Well, the study is from 2018. 

It’s entirely possible (if not probable) that the number got smaller over time. How many times have you searched through a site for more than four pages to find the thing you wanted? 


According to the study, this number isn’t based on the quality of the products. 

When someone leaves after 5.4 pages, it tends not to be because the products, goods, or services are of low quality. 

But, rather, it’s that the website’s navigation is subpar. 

That’s one more area where web design comes in. 


The Importance of Good Navigation in Web Design 

We’ve all gone to the one retail store we won’t go back to again. 

Maybe you were looking for a cheap shirt, perhaps you had heard they had a deal or even just had some time to kill. 

So, you went into a retail store to see what they had, and… yeesh. 

Clothes were just all over. They seemingly weren’t in any kind of order. Many were unfolded with wrinkles. Some were even on the floor. 

There didn’t seem to be an organization to the store’s layout, just that they had plenty of shirts. 

I didn’t specify a chain or a brand, but odds are when I described this store, something popped into your mind. 

Now, compare it to another kind of retail store: 

Brightly lit. Well laid out. Everything is in its place. Easy to find. 

You’ve probably been back to the latter store many times. 

Your website’s navigation can make your site into a store like the latter or the former. 

A site that’s difficult to navigate, that doesn’t load easily, that isn’t optimized for mobile, feels like shopping in the first store. 

We’ve helped so many clients to have a site that feels like the second store. 

We can do the same for you. To learn more, reach out at (888) 477-9540.