State of the Art Website Design

state of the art web design

Your online presence is defined by one thing more than any other: your web design. A well designed website can help your business more than any social media post, online discount or newsletter. The days of having one person successfully make a website for your company that increases your business are over. The web has changed. Every day, it changes more and more. Web design has to keep up with those changes so that you can reach as many of your potential customers as possible.

SEO and Web Design: Working Together

seo and web design

Search engine algorithms are constantly improving. What was “good content” yesterday isn’t good enough to drive traffic to your site today. As a Google Premier Partner, we know all of the hundreds of factors that go into determining your SEO. We can utilize all of them for your site. Above all, web design has to be responsive. Your customers (and potential customers) aren’t just looking at your site on their computers anymore: they’re browsing it on their phones and other mobile devices. iPhones, iPads, iPods and every other kind of smart phone: responsive web design makes your site look great and easily navigable on any device. Remember: Google determines whether or not a site is mobile-friendly and ranks it accordingly.

Your Website: Your Online Storefront

ecommerce websites

Your company’s website is its storefront, its office, the part that faces your customers. A well-designed, easy-to-navigate website that’s aesthetically pleasing can help to drive your traffic higher. By that same token, if your site doesn’t look like somewhere that your customers are going to want to shop, they’ll go elsewhere. Potential customers judge a site by how it looks and how easy it is to use. That’s human nature. To expand your business or even just to have the best online presence possible, you need a website that reflects the very best of your company.

A Proven Process

web design process

Our process is simple, it works, and we’re always refining it to make it even better. First, we have an initial meeting. We love sitting down with prospective clients to go over how we can help them. The subsequent “Kick Off Call” does exactly that: it starts things off in a hurry. From that, we get a detailed checklist. Thorough, comprehensive research follows. Combining all of those, we develop a concept that leads to a mock-up we present to our clients. That’s revised as much as you want it to be until it’s perfect. Front end and back end development come next. Any final edits and revisions are included, until it’s time for the pre-launch tests. Launch and a post-launch test introduce your company’s website to the world.

Continued Support

web design support

The web design process isn’t over once the website has launched, far from it. Web maintenance plans and SEO packages support your website. They help its reach to grow stronger and go farther. For an even more unstoppable website, full-service digital marketing packages can take your website to an even higher level.

What We’ve Done

web design portfolio

These are just a few of our hundreds of satisfied clients. You’ll notice that very few of these businesses are the same. We take a great deal of pride in being able to help essentially anyone to build a website that expands the reach of their company. As you can tell, some of these companies are massive corporations while others are smaller. Over the years, we’ve helped all different kinds of businesses to grow. You’ll notice that each site looks great, and it’s easy to find your way around them, too.

Our Web Design Team

web design team

When our founder went about building his team, he picked the best at every position. Not content with just finding an expert or two, he went about grabbing the best in a given field. That way, we could come together to provide responsive web design to any company who needs it. Perhaps most of all, he went about building a team that understands everything that web design has to incorporate. The best looking website in the world is useless if it’s difficult to navigate. Consequently, if a website is incredibly easy-to-use but looks terrible, no one will stay on it long enough to browse it. Our team works together to give your website the best of both worlds.

Best Practices, Best Prices

best web design practices

As you can see from our portfolio, we’re quite proud of the work we’ve done for our clients. That being said, we aren’t done. We constantly update our practices, so that we’re always on the cutting edge of website design. We don’t give our clients gimmicks or fluff, we design them a website that shows the best of their company on any device. We understand that if you spent all your company’s money on web design, you wouldn’t have a company. So, we tailor our highly-competitive rates to our clients. That way, we can accommodate essentially any budget.
You wouldn’t put your store in a leaky, poorly-designed building that’s hard for your customers to find their way through. The same goes for your website. We love to sit down with people and figure out how we can help them to reach their goals. Our customers care team is available 24/7 and we offer free quotes. If you’d like to see what responsive web design can do for your company, contact us today.

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