Web design and web development in 2013

Web Design and Web Development
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Whether you are a web designer or a website owner, or even curious about web design, you must have realized that web designing is a highly dynamic art. In fact, web design is more dynamic that fashion. The trends used in creation of websites change over time and it is even hard to sometimes stay up to date with the emerging new strategies and trends in the industry. Web design and web development in 2013 is taking amazing trends. Some of the trends which are being experienced are those of late 2012. It is however projected that, these will also change. Nevertheless, some of the trends expected to dominate web design and development include:

The first trends is; design and development of responsive websites. It is not news that mobile devices are taking over in web access. If you look out the window right now into the street, you definitely will see not less a good number of people on their mobile devices. It is therefore important that, any web designed should not only be accessible through mobile devices, but also look good on any resolution. This is quite useful if you have to gain from your website either financially or socially. In addition, the web development 2013 is done to ensure that, a visitor is able to gain from the website either on the go or at home.Web Design and Web Development

The second trend that will characterize web design and development in 2013 is the use of considerably large buttons and linked images. As Smartphones and tablets make up the most used web access tools, it means web access is done on the go, when on the bank queue or hanging out with friends. The user will need to capture what they want easily and with ease. Images therefore make the best content type to present the information fast with ease and attract interest. On the other hand, as touch screen is the trend with the current devices, it requires that links and content be in a considerably large font. It has also been proven that, links with large font size receive an increased number of clicks.

The third trend is integration of websites with social media. It is obvious that social media has taken up a better part of today’s living. Moreover, social media have millions of persons using them. For any website, this is a rich pool so source traffic from. For any web design and development in 2013 to sell, it must allow customer to share it through social media. This trend was used in 2012 and it does not seem to be ending any soon. It is projected that, this trend will grow and continue to become essential in any web design event especially for online shops.

The other trend that you might not have realized but its gaining prominence among web designers is the elimination of horizontal scrolling and the vertical scrolling only. Statistics show that, website with vertical scrolling only are to have visitors stay longer but those with horizontal scrolling have high bounce rate. This trend is more spelled in web access using mobile devices.