Web Content is One of the Most important Google Factors

important Google Factor
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Search engines are evolving their algorithms to provide the best possible results. And quality content is one of the most important Google Factors that will influence the algorithms.

There are three signals that help Google rate your content

Level of engagement

When a person clicks on your webpage, it needs to hold his interest or engage him. An easy to navigate website with interesting content will capture his attention. The longer he stays on your webpage, will show Google that your content is relevant, which is a positive signal. This will impact your Google rank positively. This is called a long click. There is also a short click when a user returns to the search engine soon after clicking on your website. This is a negative signal for Google. Short clicking will impact your search engine rankings negatively.

Google will aggregate this kind of data to determine the quality of your content and hence the relevancy of your website and search engine ranking.

The Google panda update

Goggle used a number of human readers to manually evaluate thousands of websites for low quality of content. Then it used computers to imitate the process. When the computers advanced enough to imitate manual results, this algorithm was introduced to evaluate millions of sites. This was a truly ground breaking shift that led to a shuffle in rankings of thousands of websites.

Link structure

Google understands that well linked websites tend to be high quality sites with useful information. So the quality of links is a reflection on the quality of the web content.

For a search engine, good quality content translates into high quality back links from authority websites and positive social media signals which affect the ultimate Google ranking.

Great content is essential

It is often said that creating high quality content is a best SEO practice. In spite of being clichéd, this is a very important and relevant suggestion. Engaging and informative content is a valuable SEO strategy. Every search query comes with an intent to know, buy or solve something. And search results will satisfy this query in the best way possible. If you provide valuable content that engages and satisfies the query, search engines will rank you higher.

In general, queries come in three variants

Queries that involve exchanging personal or credit card information

Queries that involving surfing a particular website with help from search engine prompting

Then a majority of searches involve looking for specific information. In these kinds of searches information is the end goal. And here content is the king.

You can fulfill these queries with help of high quality content and multimedia which will improve the reader engagement with your website which will result in positive social media engagement, back links and hence better search rankings.