Ways to Use Automated SERP API to Land on Top of the Local Search

Ways to Use Automated SERP API to Land on Top of the Local Search

Position one in Google SERP gets the highest CTR. If your page lands on page two, you will get 0.78% of the searcher’s clicks. Thus, ranking your site to the top is important. Our local SEO expert uses automation solutions to reduce the time-consuming tasks of sourcing data and ideas to win the local search. 

What is SERP API and How Local SEO Expert Can Help? 

Collecting volumes of data from SERPs manually is a rough job. That’s why marketers turn to API to obtain SEO data. API enables simple integration of search results data into applications. It frees the team from the data scraping process

The role of a local SEO expert is to understand the data collected. This data was pulled from paid and organic search results. In that way, you get a complete picture of what your competition is doing. Through automated SERP API, you can obtain the data immediately and start building your search engine optimization strategy faster. 

How to Use SERP APIs?

Essentially, the goal of using this type of tool is to spy on your competition. But that’s not all it can do. 

Manage Your Online Reputation

Use the APIs to manage the online reputation of the company. Every time your company gets bad PR, you get alerted so you can quickly start your strategy to repair it. But not all bad reviews can impact your brand. With the APIs, you can study whether or not bad reviews will significantly affect your ranking. 

The SERP APIs that we use at SEO Expert Danny help us in scraping public web data so we can see at a glance the pages that rank highest each time we search for product keywords or branded keywords. Our SEO team will review the ratings and compare them against the competitors. 

Create Strategy Using Real-Time Data

SERP APIs can scrape public web data in real time. It obtains data from search engine results from any country, location, and city. Thus, they are a perfect tool for local SEO. Our local SEO expert uses the data to build local SEO strategies to improve our client’s ranking position across locations. 

The use of an automated SERP scraper allows our SEO team to track the changes in the rankings of competitors. The team also uses it to optimize ad campaigns and uncover specific keywords. 

Identify Search Trends 

If there are gaps in the content marketing strategy, search engine trends can fill them. The data collected can easily identify trending content ideas that can help the SEO team to create high-quality content, thereby, generating organic traffic. 

Optimize Your Strategies 

SERP APIs are great only if you know how to use the data. You might see that there’s a trend in a certain term. But how are you going to use this insight for your content marketing? This is where our local SEO expert comes in. SEO Expert Danny uses automated SERP APIs. Our SEO team will use the data to help us create the best strategy for your business. Call us today to know more about it: (855) 605-7361