Ways to Extend the Success of Black Friday 

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“Black Friday” can be pretty great for businesses. 

So many customers, so much money, more or less all at once. 

However, in 2020, there can be real downsides to the traditional Black Friday model. 

With the pandemic, many, many more people shop online. That could overwhelm your warehouses as well as other parts of your supply chain. Obviously, you have to be careful about folks coming through your physical location, should you still have one, too. 

The last thing any company wants is to put all their hopes on Black Friday and then run into unexpected problems. 

As this article shows, some major businesses have found ways around that. You could use some of these methods at your business. 



Black Friday (and the Days Before) 


The “big box” companies are trying to get away from all of their customers coming into the store at once. 

That makes sense for any number of reasons. With a pandemic, you can’t be too careful. But, you want to keep your profits up, too. 

After all, if Target, Best Buy, and Walmart want to keep their physical locations from having so many people in them, odds are you do, too. 

The question becomes, how do you do that while making sure people buy? 

The answer: deals and clear information. 

As the article states: “in advertising their Black Friday deals, retailers are giving more details about how long deals will last, as well as where customers can go to get info about what new deals will be available when.” 

You might read and think: “great for Target and Walmart, but my business doesn’t exactly have their advertising.” 

Perhaps. But, what you do have is your social media. You do have your email marketing. Through that, you can let people know exactly when sales are occurring. 

As the article goes on to say: “instead of offering the first one hundred customers in (the) store on Black Friday a free TV, retailers are advertising all of their deals upfront and online, or letting customers know when new deals will be available.” 

If you offer that “Black Friday” deal for far more than just “Black Friday,” you’ll have a better chance of bringing in more customers during this holiday season. 



Incentives for Safe Pickup 


Hopefully, by this point in the pandemic, your business is ready and able to handle more online customers. 

However, even if you are, you might be overwhelmed by how many shop online for the holidays. 

It’s one thing to be able to handle all of your online shopping orders in July. It’s something else to be able to do it in the period between Thanksgiving and the end of the year. 

As the article says, retailers are having “to contend with ensuring that their warehouses aren’t overwhelmed as more people place their Black Friday orders online.” 

The solution: “some of (the retailers) are trying to encourage customers to select store fulfillment when placing their orders.” 

For the first time ever, Walmart offers curbside pickup. 

Kohl’s offers $10 off a $50 purchase if you pick up your items by the curb, and Nordstrom’s did something similar. 

If businesses as different as Nordstrom’s and Kohl’s are doing it, then you know it could work for many. 

By doing this, not only do you keep your warehouses from getting overrun, but you keep your stores from having too many people in them, too. 

With these tactics, you could have a successful holiday season that could power you into 2021. For help from our best SEO company in Los Angeles: (888) 477-9540.