Ways To Make Sure Your Content Gets Higher Rank On Google

Ways To Make Sure Your Content Gets Higher Rank On Google

In digital marketing, content is still the king. Even though Google’s algorithm changes frequently, the primary goal is still to ensure Google’s users will consume high-quality content. For that reason, the search engine giant ranks websites that offer quality content with relevant keywords and landing pages.

To make sure that your content marketing strategy will go forward, here are some things that you can do.

Length Of The Content

Google rewards websites

that offer high-quality content to their audience. By quality, it means the content should engage readers, provide value and in-depth insights.

The length of an article is a critical indicator of quality. Studies could affirm that there is a significant correlation between word count and search engine ranking. When you go to Google and search for something, the first few articles that would come out have an average length of 1,890 words.

But please note that it is just an average figure. Not all posts on top of the SERP feature such body of words.

Then, you have to remember that just because you have 2,000-word article does not mean that it will rank high on Google. Remember, the search engine giant wants quality content. Your lengthy yet mundane article will never rank higher than a 500-word post with substance.

So, what must be your strategy?

Consider publishing a long-form content that is relevant to your site, and it must offer value to your audience.

Ways To Make Sure Your Content Gets Higher Rank On Google

Construct a content calendar that includes in-depth blog posts every month. You don’t have to publish long-form content every day. Instead, support your comprehensive post with shorter publications that can offer more immediate impact.

Make sure that the central part of your content strategy is to generate ideas so you can manage your word count and create a quality post.

It is also vital that you engage with your readers through comments. Yes, blog comments are part of the overall content. That said, when you engage with your readers, it can significantly impact your ranking. So, start managing comments and retain appropriate responses.

How About Links?

Links remain a vital part in improving your site’s search engine ranking. However, don’t just insert links to your every post. Ensure that every link should read naturally within your content. Then, include links from authority websites.

And don’t forget to share your posts to your social media followers as social media can improve your reach and the impact of your content.