Ways to Avoid Getting Fake Facebook Likes

fake facebook likes

Facebook is an excellent platform to reach out to a wider audience. If you use an organization that offers you a high number of likes for a ridiculous price, then most likely you’ll receive likes from profiles that won’t bring anything to your Facebook page.
So, how can you avoid those fake likes?


Facebook is equipped with a remarketing tool that allows advertisers to show your ads to people who have visited your website. Since these users have already visited your site, they’re authentic. They’re more likely to engage and interact with your brand. When you use this tool, you’re increasing the CTR of your ad.

Custom Audiences

It’s another excellent tool to avoid getting fake fans. This tool allows advertisers to target a group of users. These users can be defined through an email list or phone numbers. The networking site links the data to users from its own database. It will allow advertisers to target those users through emails and phone numbers. And when these users like your Page, the likes are considered as authentic as they are taken from your data. They may also include customers who have already engaged with your company.

Ways to Avoid Getting Fake Facebook Likes

Lookalike Audiences

This option can help you target new users you might think are interested in your brand because of their similarity to your custom audiences. It is another great tool to increase the size of your target market. Although the reach is quite smaller than the custom audiences, the likes you can obtain from it are precise, and they won’t allow false accounts.

If you wish to target your audience by interests, you need to combine it with a more reliable audience targeting tool like custom audiences and lookalike audiences.
When gaining Facebook likes, you need to ensure that those likes come from authentic accounts. In this way, they will engage in your brand. High-quality fans can help your bottom line. They can positively impact your overall digital marketing campaign.

Facebook offers a great opportunity for website owners and advertisers to reach a wider audience. But you need to be careful in signing up for a service that will get you more likes on your Facebook Page as most of them are fake.
To help you target a relevant, authentic audience, use those reliable sources we’ve mentioned above. Or you may talk to one of our consultants at SEO Service Inc to help you out with your social media marketing at 888-477-9540