What Is The Most Vital Ingredient Of Your SEO Strategy?

What Is The Most Vital Ingredient Of Your SEO Strategy

You may think that keyword is the most important element of a successful SEO strategy. However, for most SEO experts, links are still a top-ranking factor for Google’s algorithm. Next to links are content and CTR.

Top-Ranking Factors Used By Google

The content on your site is vital because it entices other website owners to link to your content. The more links you get, the better your site’s ranking will be.

In several studies, SEO experts test links’ ability to increase site’s ranking. It turned out; links are powerful as ever. There is indeed a correlation between high SEO ranking and external links.

Links Are Powerful

Despite the hundreds of ranking factors used by Google, links are the most powerful. So, when you focus on high-quality links, your site will rank higher than before.

But How Should You Build Links?

One of the many ways to build links is to interview experts in your niche. You can reach out to them through email. When you tell them how much you admire them, and you want to interview them, it is highly likely that they will say yes.

What Is The Most Vital Ingredient Of Your SEO Strategy

After talking, ask them if they could share your interview with their readers. Or they could also tweet or post the interview on their social media.

Another way to build links is to create infographics. They are popular because they make complex data into easy-to-understand details. Most successful websites out there use beautiful graphics to make their information easy to understand.

But the key to getting links from infographics is to embed code at the bottom of the image. In this way, your visitors can easily link back to it.

You may also choose to create viral quizzes to build links. But your quiz should be released to your site. Never create a dating quiz if your site is about weight loss. Then, make sure that you avoid the use of rich anchor text. At the end of the quiz, you may embed badge that shows off the score. But the badge must not contain rich anchor text. Rather, it must contain the name of the quiz.

Or you can sponsor an event. In a conference, for example, it lists the site of its every sponsor.

Now that you have gained relevant links that you need to boost your site’s ranking, you need to focus on providing your site with compelling content.

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