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Do you want to utilize video marketing for your business but aren’t sure what to film? When you try to think of what to film with your video is it a struggle to come up with ideas? Or, do you come up with too many ideas and it’s hard to narrow them down? That’s perfectly understandable. Here at our full service web agency, we create video marketing for so many of our clients to help them to grow their business. 

I struggled with choosing the right verb in the last sentence, but, ultimately, I think “create” was the right one. We don’t just film the video marketing, nor do we just edit it, we also often act in it, speak in it, moderate it, and more. We help our clients with every single step of video marketing, from beginning to end. These are some of the different kinds of videos that we have found to be especially beneficial to our clients. 

These may not be right for your business. However, they could spark something in your mind, make you think of something that you want to do. 

Experts With Expert Advice 

In addition to writing here at Website Depot, I host a whole bunch of the podcasts, too. In these podcasts, I try to make sure there’s as little of me talking as possible. Not because I lack knowledge or am shy on camera, anything like that, but because our clients who I’m talking to are actual, genuine experts. 

They know exactly what they’re talking about. They are genuine professionals. As such, I want to put them into a position where they’re as comfortable and open as possible.

People want to hear expertise. They want to hear from someone who is great at what they do. 

An example I particularly enjoyed is from last year. This podcast from my time at Insight Treatment shows why they’re so good at what they do. 

This lady I’m talking to is clearly an authority. Indeed, you can tell she has years of experience long before she tells you that. 

Now, you can create videos like this for your business, of course. You can interview your colleagues/employees on camera about what they do, then edit in other images, etc. That’s not to say that you have to make videos exactly like this, but rather, you want to make videos that show you are a source that people can trust. 

You’ll also note that here at Website Depot we use the word “podcast” a bit liberally. “Interview,” “talk,” “conversation,” these are all applicable words. 

The point is to make a video that showcases the best of your brand. 

The Power of Personal Testimonials 

It’s one thing to talk to your staff. It’s something else to talk to your customers, clients, etc. These kinds of videos can be incredibly powerful. One of my favorite examples came late last year. 

I traveled with our video marketing team to Arision Treatment, a treatment/rehab center. We were scheduled to film a series of videos, interviewing the staff, using a similar format to the video that you saw in the prior section. 

However, once we got there, something amazing happened. A gentleman who was on staff at Arision saw us, came over, we started talking to him, and it turned out he had an incredible story. 

He was in treatment himself. He had gone through it at Arision and then, after getting sober, he got training and became a member of the staff there. That’s a genuinely inspiring story. It’s the kind of thing that can help the treatment center, sure, but, more importantly, it can help anyone. 

We had everything for a video. You know what we didn’t need? Me. 

Instead, we filmed this with just the gentleman talking right to the camera. No moderation. Just a human being, opening up, being vulnerable and authentic. This video could be the best part of your day. It certainly was the best part of mine. 

What to Take Away From This 

You might have watched that video and thought: “hey, that’s great, but, uh, we don’t deal with addiction. We sell goods/services. We don’t have anything as heavy or dramatic as that.” That’s fine! You certainly don’t need to to get plenty from harnessing the power of testimonials. 

You can film your biggest fans, past clients, etc. Maybe ask them how your services went, what they thought, etc. Those can be great videos. Another idea: have them film it for you. Many companies ask for videos/shoutouts/and so forth for customers to access certain discounts, products, and so forth. 

That’s not to say you do this all the time, or make it the sole kind of video marketing that you engage in. Rather, by making different kinds of great videos, you can grow your video marketing in a hurry. 

Greg Benevent full service web agency content creator WD

Greg Benevent – Content Creator at Website Depot, a full service web agency

A Full Service Web Agency to Put it All Together 

The above constitute just some of the different kinds of video marketing that we offer. Indeed, these were just a fraction of the videos that I was involved in. This doesn’t even touch on our TikToks, our Instagram Reels, and so forth. 

If you want to improve any aspect of your marketing (and not just your video marketing), we can help with that. Simply schedule a free consultation through us at our site or by giving us a call.