Utilizing All Your Marketing: For Your Business and the Community 

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Doing good for other people is good. 

Helping other people helps them and it makes you feel great, too. 

Your business hopefully does some kind of charity work. Donating goods, services, even time – these are the kinds of things that can make a real impact. 

Sure, it might not “drive sales” exactly. But, in our modern era, people are buying more and more from companies that share their values. 

A great way to show you share the values of your community is to, well, help. This doesn’t have to be a “big” thing (although it can be). Moreover, you can get plenty out of it for your business without having to “brag” about it necessarily. These are some tips our website SEO service has found that work. 



Good for Everyone 


I’ve been thinking about this because of a recent news story. Dollar General, the nationwide variety store, announced that they will pay their employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine. 

You’ll note this doesn’t have anything to do with health insurance, “sick days,” or any of that. No, Dollar General is just going to pay their employees to get vaccinated. 

Think of how much good that’s doing for Dollar General right now.

I don’t have one in my neighborhood, nor have I thought of them in years. Yet, here I am writing about them for our audience. 

Moreover, it means that Dollar General is going to be able to get more out of their workforce. It’s no secret how COVID-19 has impacted workers’ hours. Even workers that aren’t officially diagnosed with it can come down with it, thus (even in the mildest cases) causing them to miss time. That’s to say nothing of the lives saved, of course. 

Now, think about consumers, given a choice between Dollar General and a similar store. Personally, I’m going to the one that I feel has done the most to keep customers and staff safe. 

Over much of 2020, I wrote about how “showing what you’re doing for security” can draw in more customers. This is the next form of that. 



Literally Supporting the Community 


That said, getting your employees vaccinated isn’t the only way that you can impact the community. I came across this article today about how truck parts and others in the trucking industry can get the most out of their marketing. There’s plenty in here for your business, too.

In the article, there’s all kinds of good advice. 

Having your website be up to speed, being on top of your social media marketing — all the sort of thing that we cover in this blogs is mentioned. It’s all good advice. 

What struck me in particular is the stuff they do offline, the things that connect to the community even during a pandemic.  

For example, the marketing communications manager for a truck dealership said: “My marketing priorities then shift from helping human resources staff a new location one day, to attending local chamber of commerce events or setting up an interview with the local TV station the next… We use traditional tactics like billboards along major interstates near our locations for awareness marketing, and community events like parades and county fairs to get our name out in the communities we serve.” 

Now, maybe all of those “parades and county fairs” aren’t happening right now where you are. But, there’s something going on in your community that you can sponsor and contribute to, so as to “get (your) name out in the communities (you) serve.” 

For everything online, of course, our website SEO service can help. For more: (888) 477-9540.