How to use Negative Keywords in PPC Campaigns

How to use Negative Keywords in PPC Campaigns
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You probably heard a lot of times about keywords. But what about Negative keywords? They’re type of keyword that prevents your ad from being related to a certain search. For this reason, it’s crucial for you to understand how to use negative keywords in PPC campaigns. That way you can save tons of money from unwanted search and take maximum advantage of your Pay per Click ads.

One practical example for this would be this: imagine you are a yoga instructor promoting your business. You want to attract new students, not other instructors. So if you include “instructor” in your negative keywords, you will exclude those colleagues that may be performing a search for “yoga”, too. And then, you only attract those looking for classes like yours.

How to use Negative Keywords in PPC Campaigns

What is PPC Marketing?

Pay per Click is a form of Internet Marketing where you pay a fee for every lead you get when a client clicks on your add. So when a person discovers your website by clicking in these paid ads, you get charged from an established budget you already set when you contracted the service. Regardless this person generates a sale or not, you get charged anyway.

PPC usually leads you to the first results in Google for those specific keywords that you’re paying for. And of course, you’re not the only one using and paying for it. For this reason, the keywords you use need to be as relevant, exhaustive and expansive as possible. The same applies on how to use negative keywords in PPC campaigns.

There’s 3 types of Negative keywords: exact, phrase, and broad. Adding one of them to a campaign will prevent your ads to show for that specific match. You can add your exact match regular keyword as exact match negative. That way, the audience will be funneled to ads you made for their specific searches. When you do this, Google does not have the option of sending users to less-relevant campaigns.

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