Can You Use Augmented Reality in eCommerce?

Experts expect augmented reality will disrupt how people shop in the web. Because of the consumers’ demands and evolution of portable devices, AR becomes one of the best tools in the tech world. But how can you use it in your eCommerce store? Hint: don’t just use it blindly.

Transform Augmented Into Reality

Don’t just use AR as a trivial tool. Rather, make sure to include it as an important part of your marketing and sales. In this way, you can be sure that it’ll resonate with your shoppers. But to achieve it, make sure to consider your customers’ needs and your company’s goals.

Improve Visualization

One of the complaints of customers, when they view a brand’s product, is that most online stores lack visualization. That’s why customers only purchase products online that they’ve already tried. But with the use of AR, they can interact with the product and your company can demonstrate the complexity of your product.


Provide Virtual In-Store Experience

Most customers choose to purchase goods in online stores with AR features. The reasons for this is that AR allows customers to have an in-store experience virtually. Users can see some 3D models of furniture, for example, and allow them to put it anywhere in their house.

Let Users Customize

More and more retailers now offer a personalized shopping experience. They guide the users through a knowledgeable curator who knows the shopper’s style and preferences. Doing so would help improve your customer service.

And if you integrate AR, it can deliver personalized services to your customers. Users want this digital customization as it enables them to test different color combos. They can also obtain clothing suggestion from a friendly AI according to their purchase history.

Retailers can reap the benefits of AR if they invest early and commit to it fully. AR can help remove the anxiety of shoppers during their buying process. Augmented reality can do it. However, retailers need to bring it to the real world.

Now, when AR eliminates their doubts, it’ll reduce the return rate and save customers time in making a decision. In other words, AR provides customers abilities to have a wiser decision, thereby, improving their purchasing rate.

Augmented Reality is indeed helping in the online shopping experience. If you wish to know how you can integrate it to your eCommerce store, please contact our experts at SEO Expert Danny +1 (213) 322-0770.