How to Use AMP in WordPress?

Use AMP in Wordpress

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a project of Google that can be compared to Facebook’s Instant Articles. But, unlike Facebook’s project, AMP is an open source. With its benefits, it’s been embraced by big players and Automattic is the most notable player.

In October, Automattic announced that it was supporting AMP and released a plugin for it. When you install it on your WordPress site, you won’t notice significant changes. The only difference you’ll find is that a tag is added to yourand /amp/ URL for every post page.

If you have a site running Twenty Sixteen theme, you can use the AMP plugin to make an AMP version of your site that loads quicker than normal. Unfortunately, the excitement of the plugin ends there. The look of your site will have the same look as the other AMP-optimized sites.

However, if you want to make changes, you can customize the plugin’s output. If you’re a website developer, you’ll have to be familiar with how you incorporate support for your AMP pages. In this way, your site will still feel like it’s your site even if it’s optimized to load quickly.

Will AMP become mainstream?

It’s no doubt that Google wants the web to work faster with the introduction of its AMP pages. But it may or may not be mainstream. Currently, it has several critics. However, because of its open source nature, it has been readily embraced by Buzzed, Automattic, and other favorite websites. It’s definitely worth it to try it to your site.

How to Use AMP in WordPress

The AMP plugin intended for WordPress sites will make it easier for you to enable AMP-optimized sites for your WordPress blogs. And even if you’re not a developer, the plugin will help you implement the project into your own blog without difficulty.

It’s important to understand that AMP is for long-form articles. But it can change over time. It can evolve into something that improves user-experience.

The goal of AMP is intended for all published content. For now, e-commerce sites may not be able to take advantage of its benefits. The reason for this is that the project is all about articles and how they’re distributed better over the web.

If you’re not sure yet as to how you can use the AMP plugin for WordPress or how to make your site AMP-optimized, please give us a call. We can contribute to making your site load faster and adhere to the guidelines of AMP.