Unwelcome Tips From SEO Experts

Unwelcome Tips From SEO Experts

To cut a long story short, many of these tips are unwelcome because they are bad news that you have to deal with. Many SEO experts are a little shy when it comes to the truth about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but here are the facts.

Some Websites May Never Rank Up the Search Engine Results

It sounds unfair, but it is very true. For example, if you have a website and its only purpose is to rename all the colors in the world with made-up names, then your website may never rank up the search engine results. There is simply no present demand for the content of your website and so people may never search for what you have, ergo you will never rank up the search engine results.

Websites May Rank Up Very Slowly

This isn’t always true. We have all heard of those websites that become popular overnight and so reach page one on Google very quickly. However, most websites will rank up very slowly, which is why some people feel that long-established websites are more valuable. Climbing to the top of the Google search engine results takes a long time because it takes a long time to collect information on your website.

Page Speed is Google’s Only Points-Based Ranking Factor 

Back in the old days, Google used a points system. You got points for backlinks, social media mentions, keywords, and so forth. That is no longer the case. Google uses machine learning and big data to rank websites these days. The only metric they still track in order to rank websites is page loading and page rendering speeds. This is easily provable. If you have a long-established website, and you make a strong effort to make your website render and load more quickly, then over the coming weeks your website will jump up the search engine results. This is the only consistently provable and workable website ranking factor. 

Google Favors Big Business

This should come as no surprise. Why do you think Amazon is at the top of most product searches on Google? You will never be able to compete on the same level as the bigger companies because they are favored. Even if you had the finest SEO minds in the world, if you do not have millions in yearly revenue, then Google will never let you overtake the likes of Amazon unless you can offer something that they genuinely cannot. Unless you have something like that, something that big businesses don’t have, then you will not rank above them in the search engine results, soon.

You Need an SEO Service

This is an ugly truth, but it is true all the same. Your competitors are using their own SEO experts. They are using marketing companies to rank their websites in search engine results. If you are not using an SEO service, then you are at an obvious disadvantage. Even on a very basic level, they are investing more hours into their SEO efforts than you are because they are paying other people to do it. If you need help with your SEO, then get in touch with SEO Expert Danny today.