Unique Local SEO Strategies for Local Businesses

Unique Local SEO Strategies for Local Businesses

General SEO and local SEO are two different things. But they’re both beneficial. However, local SEO is harder to understand. Our SEO experts at SEO Expert Danny sat down and came up with some local SEO strategies that you can use for your local business.

Research the right keywords

To find the right keywords, use the Adwords tool in setting up a campaign. Then, use the keyword tool and enter your website. It should give you a list of keywords associated with your site. Delete those ad groups that aren’t related to your site so you can have 5 to 15 groups of keywords that you would have the chance to rank higher.

Create landing pages for those keyword phrases

It’s considered a good SEO practice to have a page for every group key phrases. Thus, choose the page that you wish to optimize for every group. If you don’t have one yet, you should start building landing pages for every group.

When it’s done, you should link your landing pages to the navigation bar. To optimize every page, you should use meta title, meta description, h1 tag, URL and body or content.

Optimize the social media

To do it, you should post your content to your social media channels. Then, start building a relationship with your audience. Promote your content to your visitors and use the advertising tools of the social media you’re using so your content will be shared, liked and viewed.

What you’re doing here is building social media signals, which are treated by Google as a sign that people are interested in what you’re offering to them.

Unique Local SEO Strategies for Local Businesses

Get reviews

Google wants user generated content. Thus, obtaining reviews is good for your local SEO campaign. To do so, send your website visitors to your company’s Google Plus page and Yelp page and encourage them to write good reviews.

Your goal here is to obtain good and positive reviews so Google will see that your visitors value your site. But your positive reviews must be paired with links and citations and the number of months or years your site has been around.

Don’t forget to measure your site’s traffic

After you’ve implemented the local SEO strategies for your local business, you should measure your traffic. In this way, you can benchmark your success and determine whether or not these strategies are doing well for your site.