Unheard Advice For SEO in New York

Unheard Advice For SEO in New York

Your average company providing SEO in New York will offer services and advice based on what is thought to be common knowledge about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is almost like they are quoting from their own bible. Instead of explaining that the world was created over six billion years, the bible said it was created over six days because it knew people during that era couldn’t have conceptualized a billion years. SEO experts who are genuinely good at their job have a similar predicament. They have to tell a thin version of the truth about SEO because it is easier for the clients to understand. Here is the real story of modern SEO.

Google Hummingbird Changed it All

Traditional SEO disappeared the day that the Google Hummingbird update was released. That was the point where Google stopped using a points system and started using big data and machine learning to judge websites. These days, it is the websites that have the most interaction that gets the most attention.

Popular Websites Are The Most Search Engine Friendly

Google learns which are the most popular websites from user data. Anybody who uses the Google Chrome web browser on their Smartphone or desktop computer is having their interactions monitored. Anybody who uses the Google search engine, or any Google services, including the Google search console, is giving information to Google. They use this to determine which websites are the most popular. Even if Google had no other information, if your Google Analytics and/or Google Search Console showed that you receive a lot of traffic, then your website would become more search engine friendly.

The Websites People Use

Let’s say that users are looking for ways to clip a cat’s nails. People search through the Google search engine results, clicking and trying each website as they go. Those same people stop searching after trying website number eight on the list. If this happens often enough, website number eight moves up the search engine results. Google knows from your interactions alone which websites are the most useful and so ranks them up.

Personalized Experiences

Google uses machine learning and big data to figure out the Google ranking order on a broad level, but it also uses your personal interactions to create a personalized experience. That is why you can search for how to make bread on Google and get very different results from your twin who lives next door. Your general stats may be similar, but if your twin uses YouTube and you use Rumble, or if you use Facebook and your twin uses TikTok, then you will receive different results.

What Do You Do With This Information?

Firstly, if you are looking for companies to provide SEO New York services, then use Website Depot Inc to improve your SEO overall. Then, do your best to make your website more useful, more targeted, or more popular. You can pick any of these factors and still win. For example, even if your website isn’t popular, if it is highly targeted so that people keep picking your website off the search engine results and then stop searching for the answers you offer, then your website will rank up the search engine results. Get in touch with Website Depot Inc to build a solid foundation for your website, and then make your website more useful, more targeted, or more popular.