Unexpected Tips From an Advanced SEO Agency Blog

Unexpected Tips From an Advanced SEO Agency Blog

The team at Website Depot Inc have had a blog for years, and now that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has evolved, some of their advice has become a little more powerful than perhaps it was in the past. Yet, many people are mired in the past and in what SEO used to be about. Sure, some of the old rules still apply, but they do not apply as powerfully or as rigidly as they once did. Here are a few pieces of SEO advice from the SEO Agency Blog that some people still find troubling.

Spelling and Grammar Does Not Matter

Back in the day, Google was awash with websites that were poorly written. Spinning content was also a big problem. Back in those days, Google was trying to judge websites by their written content. These days, Google judges content by how other people use, reuse, and apply and engage with it.

As a result, good spelling and grammar is preferable because people are more likely to revisit your website if they can read it easily. However, Google is not going to penalize you for having poor quality spelling and grammar because it doesn’t apply to how they judge websites anymore. There are some very popular websites that have not perfect spelling and grammar, and are still popular because people are still visiting them. But it only works if that is your profile and suits your values when offering your services to the world.

Your Post Does Need Images

There was old advice that your website needed images, and the images needed ALT text, keywords in the title and so forth. However, this is no longer the case. You can have a very popular website that has nothing but writing and the search engines will still rank it up the search engine results if it is popular. Now obviously, if the website is insecure, or poorly written, or takes a long time to load, then Google is going to rank it down, but still, your web pages do not need images in order to be successful.

Backlinks to Your Website Do Not Matter

Okay, this one is a little unfair, but think of it this way. If you are visiting a big established theme park, you find road signs pointing to it from tens of miles away. Do you ever see such signs for a local knitting store or mustard shop? There are some websites, especially entertainment websites, where lots of backlinks pointing to the website are very beneficial for its SEO. But, there are also many websites where the number of backlinks doesn’t matter. In fact, there are some websites that are able to thrive on just a few backlinks from very popular sources, though they are typically non-commercial websites.

What You Should Do Next?

Remember that SEO involves a lot of machine learning and user input, and that there are very few rigid rules left in the SEO handbook (there are a few though, so beware). Also, if you are looking for real help with your SEO, then read the SEO Agency Blog and get in touch with the team at Website Depot Inc. They will help you define your search engine goals and achieve them within a fair timeline.