Types of Content That Can Totally Boost SEO for Lawyers

SEO for lawyers
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Have you been looking for more ways to get more from your SEO? Does it feel like you know that you should put out content, but aren’t sure which forms of content will give you the most “ROI?” Those are perfectly understandable questions. SEO for lawyers is complicated and competitive. When you put content out there, you want content that’s going to provide the most “bang for your buck,” so to speak. 

The good news is that there are more kinds of effective content than ever before. Yes, blog posts are still important and helpful. However, a content marketing strategy that consists solely of blog posts is unlikely to make you stand out from the rest. Below are some very effective forms of content that go beyond just blog posts. 

SEO for lawyers

Tutorials, Guides, Etc. 

If you’re like so many of our lawyer clients, you probably have blogs on your site right now that give “tips” for dealing with one kind of law or another. An in-depth, step-by-step tutorial or guide is the next step beyond this. This can be a very effective form of content for building your online authority and connecting to prospective clients, provided that your tutorial covers something that your prospective clients might struggle with. 

Some examples our clients have had great success with include what to do in the immediate aftermath of a car accident (for personal injury attorneys) as well as how to file for bankruptcy (for bankruptcy attorneys) and so forth. “Filing” tutorials, those explaining how to fill out some potentially cumbersome and difficult to understand forms (applying for workers’ compensation, the DV lottery, and similar forms) can be very potent. 

SEO for lawyers

Testimonials – Video and Otherwise 

Some of the best, most effective content for your law firm’s SEO doesn’t come from anyone employed by your law firm. Rather, it comes from your satisfied clients. Testimonials from those you’ve been able to help, whether they’re in video, audio, or written form, can help your firm in a variety of ways. Of course, these can show prospective clients (as well as their loved ones) that you’ve helped real people just like them. 

Beyond that, these also can do wonders for showing Google that you have authority, that you are what they should direct those searching for keywords to. To get even more out of these testimonials: get them in multiple forms. If you get a video testimonial, for example, you can post the video on your site, on your Google My Business, and more. Beyond that, you can also take clips from it and put them on your social media feeds. Additionally, you can transcribe it to put on your site and elsewhere. Testimonials can be endlessly repurposed to help your law firm’s SEO. 

SEO for lawyers

Videos and Podcasts 

Video marketing for your law firm isn’t a “like to have” anymore, it’s a necessity. Your law firm should absolutely use video marketing to stand out from the rest. As everyone has a phone with an excellent camera, you can make tremendous videos to highlight what’s best about your law firm. These videos could include your lawyers explaining one aspect or another of the law you practice, answering questions prospective clients might have, and more. 

Beyond any SEO boost to video marketing (which can be ample) video marketing also can help prospective clients to make a connection to you and the other lawyers at your firm. People will be able to see how you communicate, how you explain, how you are. From there, that kind of human connection can do so much more to make them realize that they and their interests would be best served by working with you. 

Newsletters: Monthly or Quarterly 

When thinking of all the “newer” forms of content, it’s easy to overlook newsletters. However, they can be very potent for connecting to those potential clients that don’t necessarily check your social media feeds, watch your videos, and so forth. There are two things to always keep in mind with your newsletter: a strict schedule and providing value. 

It can sound as if those two things are in conflict, but they shouldn’t be. The last thing you ever want to do is to “send out a newsletter just to send out a newsletter.” But, you also want to pick a schedule (whether it’s every month, every quarter, or something else) and stick to it. The best path forward: always make sure that your newsletter provides real value to anyone who reads it. For example, when we put together a newsletter for our clients, we make sure to have plenty of ideas together ahead of time, so we’re never scrambling for the newsletter. 

Maybe it explains something in the news that relates to the kind of law that you practice. Perhaps it goes into detail about some new law or regulation that you can help explain (or, even better, links to some other form of content that does so). A newsletter, like all of the other forms of content mentioned here, works best when it’s one part of a strategy, as opposed to a strategy all on its own. 

SEO for Lawyers Professionals 

Those are some of the forms of content that have been highly effective for our lawyer clients, with emphasis on the word “some.” There are many, many others. We can help you not only find the right kind of content for growing your firm’s SEO presence, but we can also create the content as well. That way, you’ll be in the best position to get the most out of your SEO. 

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