Turning Your Weaknesses Into Strengths to Grow Your Company 

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No company is perfect. Everyone has something that they could do a bit better. 

It’s natural to focus on your weaknesses, places you could improve. 

One way of doing so: reframing. 

Instead of thinking of your weaknesses as, well, weaknesses, think of how you can utilize them for the customer. 

That doesn’t mean you give up on improving your company, of course. Rather, it means you alter (or even significantly change) your definition of what “improving” means. 

These are a few examples I came across just today. Each has a lesson you can take for your own company and/or marketing, whether you’re making the best SEO for lawyers, rehabs, or anyone else. 



An Example from Apple 


Not all companies have made “privacy” a key focus of their marketing, to put it lightly. Indeed, not all that many have made it a focus of their products. 

But, more customers want their privacy respected and their data protected. 

Apple seems to really be stepping up in this regard. 

This article about “WWDC21” showed just a bit about how much they’re doing so. 

For example, they “showed that Apple’s privacy strategy is now part of its products: Privacy was mentioned as part of nearly every new feature and got stage time of its own. New features include ways to stop email tracking, burner emails, and a VPN competitor that obscures IP addresses.” 

So, if folks really do make their privacy a priority (which several studies have shown that they do) Apple could really be in a position here to reap the rewards. 

There’s a lesson here for your company. 

If there’s something your company (or your industry) has traditionally struggled with, that can be an opportunity. Focus on fixing/improving that part, then let folks know. 

Another example from a few years ago: Domino’s Pizza. 

They made a series of ads where they apologized for their pizza/service and vowed to improve. 

This in-depth article goes deep into it. 

What’s fascinating about that four-year-old article is how many of the changes mentioned mirror our modern digital era. 

Lesson: making improvements today can help you in multiple ways, today and tomorrow. 



Better Podcasting Through Lack of Experience 


“I don’t really want to podcast. I don’t have a good voice.” 

“Really, I have a business background, not a broadcasting one. So, I don’t really want to come on your podcast, unfortunately.” 

As the host of Website Depot’s podcast, I hear some version of that more often than you might think. 

We love having clients (and others) on our podcast, talking to new folks. 

I often have to explain to them that “not having a broadcasting background” is a strength. It’s really, really good for business podcasting. 


Because you don’t come off as slick and in-human. 

Instead, you sound like a real person, really talking. 

That’s what people want to hear. 

Someone with a voice that doesn’t sound like they do voiceovers for movies for a living connects so much more authentically. 

Far from being a “weakness,” that’s actually a real, genuine strength. 

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