Turn “Win-Win” into “Win-Win-Win-Win” – Easy Marketing Tweaks for Success

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“We worry that our marketing tries to incorporate too much. It’s our concern that our customers are going to be confused, not sure exactly what we’re offering.” 

That’s a valid concern, one that we hear often at our full-service rehab, plastic surgeon, and lawyer SEO company

Many businesses offer different kinds of products and services. They might seem similar to someone on the outside, but they’re actually quite different. NOS and reproduction Corvette parts, personal injury and workers’ compensation law firm, a restaurant that serves healthy stews as well as delicious sandwiches – it’s important to show all that’s great about your company. 

But, you don’t want to confuse your customers, either. 

The solution here is a familiar one. As Danny Star has said so many times, “content is king.” 

Utilizing content the right way can connect you to the right kinds of customers (even if they have different tastes).



An Example Any Company Can Use 


Every company, more or less, wants to be able to better connect to more customers.

There’s one resource your company has that can help you to do that. 

No matter what industry you’re in, no matter how well things are going (or not), you have one potent resource that can attract more customers. 

Your employees. 

Your staff. Workers. 

A study from a few years ago shows that “65 percent” of “consumers are attracted to organizations” that “treat employees well.” 

That doesn’t mean that, if you have an inferior product or service, the consumer is going to choose you over someone else because you’re great to your employees. 

What it does mean is that you have an in-house resource that helps your company connect. 

Highlighting your employees, “employee of the week/month” and the like, is a good idea. 

You could even take it a step further. Have them talk in videos/podcasts/social media posts/blogs about what they love most about your products. 

These don’t have to be cloying, obviously fake things. (That wouldn’t help improve human connection, certainly.) 

But, it does help a restaurant that serves healthy food as well as delicious but less-healthy sandwiches to have employees say they love the healthy food but they also love the sandwiches on a “cheat day,” too. 

You’re going to see more and more of this kind of thing from your competitors for many reasons. 

It’s inexpensive, of course. It’s effective. Moreover, in the last sixteen months, human connection has, for many, been few and far between. 



How This Can Work 


So, you film a video of an employee talking about their favorite product or service that you offer. It isn’t long, but it’s maybe a couple minutes. 

You can break that into shorter videos. Use quotes from it for social media posts. 

Do enough of them and you can collect the best of them in a blog or even a video montage. 

Get a few employees together (perhaps those who had differing answers about what was best) and record them doing a ten-minute podcast about it.

You’ll put a more human face on your company. Connecting to potential customers in a real, human way is easier when you’re using, well, real humans being real. 

Moreover, odds are your employees are going to feel more appreciated, too. 


Now, I’m certainly not saying that you should quit all of your marketing and just film your employees talking. 

But, using the resources at hand to get what you want is a great way to grow your business. In any capacity. 

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