Trust in Your Business 

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To “trust” in a business used to mean that you trusted them to be good at their jobs. A customer, client, or someone else doing business with them trusted the company to provide the goods or services that they said they would. Currently, however, “trust” incorporates much more than that. Establishing trust in your business is more important than ever. Additionally, there are more ways (and more important ways) to get others to trust in your brand and what you do. 


Trust that You’ve Re-Opened Smartly 


As of this writing, the “re-opening” process is going on all over America. Obviously, some businesses in some areas are more able to re-open safely than others. (Personally, my gym is reopening in a few days, but I won’t be headed back there for some time.) If your business is in a position to re-open, then this is a great opportunity for you in a multitude of ways, not the least of which is that you can build further trust with your staff, customers, and more. 


When businesses reopen, customers want to know that doing business with you will be safe. After all, if you re-open, folks come to your business and start getting sick, that’s not going to help your business in any way, shape, or form, to say the least. This trust-building process starts before you reach out to your customers, however. It starts with your employees. 


Tell them everything that you’re doing to make your business safe. Then, show them. Whether it’s through videos, pictures, or anything else, give them real, tangible evidence that you’re doing everything you can to give them the safest workplace possible. Make sure you show them how you’ll continue this, too, even after the initial re-opening phase. 


Once you’ve done that with your staff, listen to them. There’s no downside to keeping the lines of communication as open as possible here. Different employees are going to have different needs. For example, I have some conditions that put me at an especially high risk from COVID-19. Website Depot, Danny, and everyone else has done quite a bit to show me that it’s going to be OK for me to continue working for the company, come what may. I trust them to have my back. That’s what you want to be able to do for each of your employees, too. 


Don’t Be Shy About Security, Rules, and Expectations 


Usually, it’s a truism in marketing to not tell your customers (or potential customers) what they have to do. Asking them to do things can be seen as pushy and a real put-off. However, as you re-open, it can be a good thing. It’s OK to let them know what they’ll have to do to be able to come to your business. In fact, it’s recommended. If you will require them to wear masks, to socially distance, to follow markings on the floor, to come in one at a time, or any other precaution, be up front about it. Let them know in any uncertain terms. 


One great way that companies can help with this: make sure your customers and staff have what they need to be safe while in your business facility. That could mean putting no-touch hand sanitizers in strategic locations, restricting access to some areas, installing portable hand washing stations, and other measures. If you think it would make your customers and staff safer and feel more comfortable, it’s probably a good idea. 


Getting Your Efforts and Business Out There 


These are all important measures to take for your staff and your customers. However, you want more than just those groups to know what you’re doing. Sure, it’s important that they know, but you also want to be able to reach out to your potential customers and clients, too, the ones that are concerned others aren’t taking the same level of safety measures that you are. 


That’s where we can come in. At Website Depot, we can help connect you to more of your potential customers. Learn more by calling us at (888) 477-9540.