Trust and Authority: Why Serious Blogging is in Almost Every SEO Package

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For many business owners, a good blog would be “nice to have.” 

Not “important” nor “critical,” rather “nice.” Something that would be a benefit to the company and its site, sure, but not something that the company absolutely, positively must have. 

However, the opposite is true. 

A blog can help your business in any number of ways. 

That said, it can’t just be thrown together. To get as much out of your blog as possible, it has to perform multiple services. 

The right kind of blog can draw folks to your business for a long time to come. There are plenty of reasons why you’ll find “blogging” in more or less every SEO package


Benefits of Even an “Average” Blog in an SEO Package


A study from the great folks at Hubspot found “companies that blog have far better marketing results. Specifically, the average company that blogs has 55% more visitors, 97% more inbound links, and 434% more indexed pages.” 

Let’s unpack that a bit. 

More visitors means more people looking at the site. Thus, more opportunity for more sales. 

The higher percentage of inbound links and indexed pages, the higher the likelihood that someone is going to come across the business. 

You probably knew all of that, but what was interesting to me was the phrase “the average company that blogs.” 

You’ll note that this study didn’t make it about companies in specific industries. They didn’t just limit it to, say, companies in the entertainment business. No, they made it “average companies” across industries. 

So, no matter what your company does, there’s something to be gained from a blog. 



“Show, Don’t Tell” 


The great rule of writing can work for your blogging, too. 

Whereas other parts of your online marketing can “sell” what you do, in your blogs, just show what makes your company great. 

You perform a service? Show us. Or, give us a few tips that come from your place of expertise. Then, too, you’re still “showing,” but what you’re “showing” is how good you are what you do. 

That can be true for every part of your aspect. 

Then, you can break that blog down into more content. 

You could take an old blog, for example, and then make that into a video. You can cut it up with some images, have someone narrate, etc. No one here has to be a Hollywood-trained professional, of course. You could have someone at your company take an hour or so out of their day to do it. 

As a business owner, you’re good at resource allocation. When you have a blog, you’re creating a resource for your company’s marketing. 



Don’t Take This to Mean “Every Blog Must Be Serious” 


I debated changing the word “serious” in the title of this blog to “serious-ish.” 

The last thing I wanted was for anyone to get the idea that your blogging has to be “serious” all the time. 

The opposite is true. 

Blogs can show what’s fun about your company and your employees. 

Holiday parties, group outings, satisfied customers, joyful life events for staff members (marriages, etc.) make for great blogs. Moreover, they show customers (and potential customers) the “human” side of your company. 

If you think of a blog like a conversation, no one would want to talk to someone who just talks about one thing over and over. 

Someone who just talks about their business is boring. 

There’s so much more to your company than that. 

You can use all of it to rank that much higher, to do that much better. 

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