Tricks To Repair Reputation On Twitter

Twitter Reputation

Twitter is one of the best social media sites you can use to push all the bad stuff that your brand received lower on the main search engines, like Google and Bing. If you know how to optimize your Twitter profile, you can displace any negative content in search results. With the help of SEO Expert Danny you can learn to repair reputation on Twitter.

To know how, please read on:

When you search brands on Google, for instance, the Twitter accounts of those brands appear on page one of the SERP. The account is in the second position, which is just below the official website of the corporation. You can do the same if you have a properly optimized Twitter account. How?

Optimize Twitter handle

It’s a critical component in optimizing your account. To maximize Twitter handle for a better ranking, the name’s spelling must be close to the version of your brand. That is, spell it out and leave out spaces. The closer the spelling, the more Google is likely to consider the handle as relevant to searches. But if it’s unavailable, you’ll need to make a variation. It must be as close to the original name. Never use emojis in your handle as it only appears to be a less relevant keyword when people search for your brand.

Maximize full name

repair reputation on Twitter

Besides Twitter handle, make sure that your brand’s full name or your name, as the founder, appears at the top of the profile. It should appear with the avatar icon. Add related keywords to the bio. Another way to optimize Twitter account is to add keywords related to your brand to your bio. If your full name doesn’t fit in the username and full name fields, reiterate it in the bio. The bio description field allows inclusion of combination keywords that can be useful to your online identity. This field has to describe what your brand is or who you are.

Add website URL

Some individuals or businesses leave this field blank. By adding the link field with the site’s URL, it strengthens rankings in search. But use the right canonical URL and avoid shortened links or redirecting links.

Tweet a lot of times

By tweeting frequently, it can help in optimizing your profile over time. Each tweet links back to your profile page. The more tweets you have, the more links that Twitter points to your profile. But don’t just tweet anything. If you wish to build a reputable profile, make sure to publish good content only.

Get more followers

Google doesn’t analyze things on Twitter. But it does analyze links to determine relative ranking values. The more followers you have, the more people see your status update. They’re also likely to retweet your post. Twitter accounts with active followers rank better in a search. Need more help in optimizing your Twitter profile to repair your reputation? Please contact our social media managers: (213) 322-0770.