Trends In Web Designs You Can Expect In 2017

Trends In Web Designs You Can Expect In 2017
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You saw several amazing web designs last year. This year, you can be sure that you will find more amazing designs. In this post, you will learn some of the trends that will dominate in 2017.

Ending Of Flat Design

Currently, we have reached to that point where flat design makes every website looks the same. Before, it was a design with a modern touch. However, it makes sites look the same. Web designers feel that they have lost their creativity. In that case, you will see flat designs ending for web design trends that are unique and more imaginative.

The Use Of Geometric Shapes And Patterns

This trend took off in the late part of last year. There are ways to incorporate this design into your sites. You may use circles on your photos, or your site’s overall design relies on the use of lines and patterns.

It is one way to take flat designs to a new level. There are different ways to integrate this trend into your website. So expect it to be around throughout 2017.

Duotone Imagery

More and more brands are now using duotone images and graphics to their website. Some do not strictly use duotones. However, they use more than three colors and use the duotone effect. It is a nice way to update the tired gradients and use of solid colors.

Animations And GIFs

They are useful in showing your visitors how something works. You see GIFs be more sophisticated. Animations use SVG and CSS to achieve unique design elements. This trend will be more prevalent as it communicates things easier and quicker.

Simplified Navigation

This trend keeps navigation to a minimum. It is useful as it allows visitors to focus on the intent of your site and find a way off the page.

Hand-Drawn Elements

It is another web design trend that you will often see this year. These elements will include buttons, icons, graphics and fonts to offer a unique touch to a website. It is an excellent alteration from the use of standard design elements.

Landing Page

In the goal of increasing marketing and sharing, web designers will put emphasis on landing pages, rather than a home page. Marketers would want to dedicate landing pages to target a specific audience and their needs.

Final Thoughts

These web design trends will be seen on some of your favorite websites. These trends will inevitably dominate this year.