Top Ten Video Sharing Engines

Top Ten Video Sharing Engines

Top 10 Video Sharing Engines



Are you planning to develop your web marketing? If yes then you should be ready to produce videos and submit those videos to the various video sharing sites. Sharing your videos on the video display sites allows you to get access to your target customers and communicate the intended message of promoting your products. The videos will attract more visitors in your website which will lead to the increase of your sales. Some of the main video sharing sites include;

You tube

You tube has been the main video sharing site that has been used for a long period of time. You only need to make a video clip that has the message that you intend to inform the online users and then upload it in you tube. You tube receives million of visitors per week and hence has a chance to increase exposure of your video to many people. The many visitors it receives make it to be the best avenue for online video marketing and promotions.

Yahoo Video

Yahoo video is the video sharing site which is a subordinate of the yahoo search engine. It draws many online users especially those who use yahoo search engine to look for a particular product. It is an excellent site that you can use to increase traffic to your site which will lead to increase in sales.


Metacafe site is mainly used to share the entertainment videos as opposed to the ones that have an informational content.  It is worth looking site that you can add an ad in the entertainment videos and advertise your product.


It is a video sharing site hat is unique due to its personal use options. It also has a subscription service for the people who have additional business related needs. It has about a million visitors a month hence it is also a good place that can assist you in marketing your products.


It combines the different video sharing and social networking sites. It has many visitors due to its connection with social network sites hence you can also use it to increase prospects.


It is a brilliant site which normally hosts instructional videos on different subjects. It draws many users hence you can also share your videos on it and increase awareness of your products.


It a video sharing site that offers you a chance to share the videos with your friend and create a profile on the VSocial page. It has a search box that enable users to search for the videos they want. It has a lot of animations that attract many people.


It is a video sharing site that also gives you an opportunity to edit your online video frequently. It offers you a chance to be updating new changes that you feel are necessary. It is a nice video sharing site for your business.

AOL Video

AOL Video has been used by different businesses to advertise their product online and it has proved to be a valuable site. It has an attractive site that attract many online visitors hence it will enable you to increase traffic to your website.

Google video

The Google video is a subsidiary of the . It is viewed by a large number of new visitors due to its name being associated by the main search engine. It is a worth site to share your videos since you are assured that your product will be exposed to a large number of potential customers.

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