Top Five Tips From a SEO Agency Blog Writer

Top Five Tips From a SEO Agency Blog Writer

You can read all the SEO agency blog articles you like, or you can get a little advice directly from the source. Here are five tips on modern SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as offered by noted SEO blog writers

  • Keyword Stuffing is a Thing of the Past

In the old days, you would throw a bunch of keywords into text in order to make the text more search engine friendly. These days there are still thousands upon thousands of websites that add keywords into their text. There are even programs that people use so they can tell which of the 45 to 60 keywords they have used already. This is completely unnecessary since only the most basic web crawlers are using keywords, and in most cases, they are only searching for names or identifiable markers (like COVID 19).

  • Only Use Tabbed Keywords For Very Specific Reasons

Filling an article with a number of tabbed and meta keywords is no longer necessary. Treat your tabbed/meta keywords like navigation buttons. They are handy for things like business names, brand names, TV show names, etc. They are also very handy for keywords that could be confused with other things. For example, the show “Stomp” can be difficult to find because it is also the name of an action that somebody may search for.

  • Add Descriptive Alt Text onto Your Images

This is important because modern search engines are putting more emphasis on image searches. They use a series of tools to decipher what each image means. They consider the web page the image is on, along with the website, and they use the ALT text too. Many are able to figure out what is on an image based on how it is shared and commented upon too. On a similar note, do not give ALT text to decorative images and elements because it is useless to search engines and may confuse some of the more primitive ones. 

  • Write For The User

One could argue that this philosophy is born from the Google brand since they claim they are working for search engine users. However, the only reason you should write for the user is that how popular your articles are will determine how high you ride up the search engine results. The most popular content ranks more highly, which means if you can promote your content on forums, through advertising, and through social media, then you will see your content rise up through the search engines. 

  • Get The Right Type of Help

The modern SEO agency landscape is a hornet’s nest of faux experts and know-nothing agencies. It takes a long time for good SEO advice to take effect. Yet, there are many ways to fake good results and therefore hoodwink people into wasting thousands of their hard-earned cash. Of all the tips from these SEO agency blog writers, this is the most important: you need to hire a good, reputable, dependable, and long-established SEO company. Hire a company with a team of professionals who are looking for long-term relationships rather than who are looking to make a quick buck. Hire a company like Website Depot Inc.