Top CBD SEO Practices You Might Have Overlooked


So, you have launched your website that caters to those who are looking for CBD. A few weeks or months after, you’re still not getting the results you desire. You have created social media accounts and promoted your CBD products. But they’re not helping. Perhaps, you have heard of CBD SEO. The problem is that you have no idea where to start or how to begin. 

If you’re intrigued, keep reading to find out more. 

What is CBD SEO? 

Search engine optimization is about making your site visible to your audience and search engines. The CBD industry needs a successful digital marketing plan because of how competitive it is. Furthermore, Google and Facebook block CBD advertising. Thus, you can’t pay these platforms to promote your CBD products. Your best option is to optimize your site. 

To help you get started in optimizing your CBD website, here are the things you need to know. 

Know Your Niche 

The CBD niche is broad. You need to know what makes your company stand out. Are you selling CBD skincare, CBD for athletes, CBD muscle pain, or CBD oil? You need to know what you’re serving to your clients. 

Create High-Quality Content

Populate your CBD site with high-quality content relevant to the CBD industry. You can start by publishing content on your blog regularly. If you’re selling CBD for dogs, you need to write about how CBD can help your furry friend. The goal of your blog posts is to attract attention to your site. Make them interested in CBD. Cement your place in the industry and become the go-to source of anything about CBD for dogs. 

Use the Right Meta Tags

Some people think that meta tags are no longer relevant in SEO. But they are. These meta tags are the first things that people see when Google presents your site on the search engine results page. Make sure that they completely describe what the page is all about. 

Build Internal Links 

This is vital to allow your visitors and search engines to crawl your site even more. Internal links will lead visitors to other pages of your site naturally. For instance, if you talk about CBD for dog anxiety, you can link this post to another page that talks about CBD for dogs in treating constipation. Then, make sure that you link this post to your product page. 

Gather Backlinks 

They are links coming from other websites. This involves reaching out to other site owners. But the sites must be related to CBD or cannabis industry. However, you can also gain backlinks from other high-domain sites that may not be related to CBD, like Forbes, New York Post, Bloomberg, etc. 

Share Content on Social Media

Although you can’t use social media ads because of the restrictions imposed by many social media companies, you can still share your CBD content with your followers. Even though social media signals aren’t a factor in Google and search engine algorithm, they can still help. 

Hire an SEO Agency 

The agency knows the CBD industry. If you don’t know how to manage everything about CBD SEO, you might not be able to create an excellent digital marketing strategy that works. So, team up with an agency to help your CBD company. You can start by calling us here: (855) 605-7361.