TOP 5 Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

social media top  dos donts
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Using Social Media can be a chore, especially when you’re using one for work, one for business, and one for your own personal accounts. Chances are you can get really bogged down with all the expectations of marketing and branding with social media. What many people fail to realize is there are two sides to social media, right there in the name, and if you’re just strictly one or the other, there is nothing to gain, and you’re just making content people ignore. You should always practice proper Social Media Etiquette. We introduce these TOP 5 Social Media Do’s and Don’ts that can be very helpful for you.

Here’s a quick method to achieving a social media harmony.

Too Social? This is the case for those who just can’t keep their personal lives personal. As a means of communication, Facebook and other networks were invented to keep up to date on exciting life events, old friends, and other happenings that are taking place in the world around you that not everybody can keep track of. Everybody’s feed has got at least one dramatic poster, who just cant wait to tell you about what they’re eating, how they’re feeling, and everything under the sun that they’d like to complain about. Nobody except people exactly like that want to see those posts. So even though it’s a place to share and connect, you should still express common courtesy and not be embarrassing or even worse, boring.

Too media? This is when a business only posts about themselves, without engaging other outside sources. Their twitter posts are nothing but hashtags, their Facebook posts are nothing but promotions, and their Instagrams are nothing but coupons and sales. An occasional promotional stream is ok, especially when something spectacular is happening with your business. You start running the risk of being unfriended and unfollowed when your feed becomes a nonstop commercial. Try as hard as you can to integrate your brand as a personal statement. Social media is intended to be a community in itself, so don’t solicit somebody’s digital porch. Engage with users, respond to comments and messages, and build your brand with fresh content.

Here’s a quick infographic to achieve a better social media balance

Top 5 Social Media  do’s and don’ts. 

social media top  dos donts