Top Five Search Engines

Top Five Search Engines
When most people are searching for something on the web, they use search engines. Different searches are conducted every minute on various search engines. If you want to search for anything online you can use different search engines. The search engines will provide you with various websites that provide the services that you are searching for. You can then use that website to get more information that you are interested in. At SEO expert Danny we offer you advice on the best search engines that will suit your business. The most popular search engines include;

Top Five Search Engines


Google is the search engine that is used by most of the people today. It provides a convenient way to search for something online by use of Google search results. It is the most relevant and largest catalogue of the web pages that are available today. When you are looking for a particular stuff via the internet, you should key in the keywords and Google will provide with pages of search results with a list of websites offering what you are searching. You will then browse the different websites and look for the best deal. Most of the online traffic comes from Google and hence if your goal is to increase your online market you should understand how Google ranks websites in search results. With the assistance of a webmaster you will get the best results from the Google.


Yahoo is among the major search engines in the internet. It is one of the popular search engines that internet users use when they are searching for something that they require. You should submit your URL address of your website to yahoo so as to increase the traffic to your website. Most of the SEOs companies have realized the need to submit their services into Yahoo search engine. Being on a top rank in Yahoo increases the chances of your website being visited by many potential customers.


Bing is the Microsoft latest search engine. You can optimize your site to rank higher on the Bing and be assured of increased traffic to your website. To have accurate search results on the Bing you have to break down the searches into various categories such as travel, business, health, shopping Bing displays site links using anchor texts that comes directly from anchor text of your internal pages hence it is necessary to use keyword rich phrases when you are optimizing for your page to rank better in Bing. It is necessary to consider the segmented structure that bin uses and present your message through Meta description tags. is one of the popular search engines that are used today. It is has unique feature of being able to answer questions that people ask it. It uses crawler technology to answer different questions. is being used by online users due to its ability to answer all type of questions. Its presentations are easier to read than other search engines and its result groups are more relevant.

Dog pile

It is a Meta search engine which gathers search results from different search engines and present them to you in a comprehensive form. It is an efficient search engine because you do not have to go through different search engines to look for what you want. Some people opt for Dog pile instead of looking for the information from many search engines.