Top 10 Review Sites for Local Business

online reviews

These days, most consumers go to review sites to know more about the companies they want to use for whatever purpose they may have. Thus, getting online reviews is critical to your business.

But what review sites you should direct your customers to give you reviews (positive or negative)?

Online Review

1. Yelp

Yelp is free and it’s easy to set up your profile. Users can also easily set up their own profile to give your business a review.

2. Google Reviews or Google Places

Or you may now call it Google Reviews. Having a page under this site will allow your customers to leave a review for your website or business. Reviews from this site may sometimes be featured in the main search results.

3. Yahoo!

The local listings of Yahoo! are similar to the Local reviews of Google+. It receives more than 10% of search engine share. Thus, obtaining positive reviews from its local listings won’t hurt your effort of boosting your online reviews.

4. Angie’s List

This one is a higher-end review site. Reviewers have to pay for their membership so they can review a business or a service. But the reviews given are well-thought and not all about ranting and raving, which are more common when you use a free review site. Plus, reviewers aren’t allowed to be anonymous.

5. Consumer Search

This site is quite different as it accumulates reviews from the Internet and prints. Then, it analyzes those reviews and sources before ranking their credibility. People use this site to get a summary of all reviews around the world on a particular product and website.

6. City Search

It’s quite similar to Insider Pages. However, City Search is free and it operates through a 5-star rating.

7. Better Business Bureau

This is a non-profit site that evaluates various types of businesses. The site doesn’t recommend or endorse a business or a service. However, it provides the public with details about the business and whether or not it has met the standards of BBB.

8. Consumer Reports

This is an independent testing site that rates and recommends products based on their unbiased testing of products. The site doesn’t accept advertising fees and reviewers pay all products they want to test out. Plus, it has more than 7 million subscribers. With this site, there’s nothing you can do except that you make sure that you’re providing your clients with the best product.

9. Facebook

Facebook has the Recommendations field where your fans can leave online reviews or comments about your website.

10. LinkedIn

This social networking site has a feature that encourages individuals to leave a recommendation for another. Your product won’t only be reviewed but your content too will be noticed. This feature is ideal for your personal marketing purposes.