Tools That You Can Use for Your Blog

Tools That You Can Use for Your Blog

A blog is a useful tool in your site that can bring in more traffic, as long as you post regularly. According to Neil Patel, a site with updated blog content can generate 55 percent more visitors than those that do not.

Most small business owners could not afford to hire a full-time webmaster to handle their site and its SEO. Fortunately, there are tools that you can use for your blog and website that can increase your SEO. What’s more interesting is that they are easy to use, so there is no need to be a tech wizard.

Moz Toolbar

SEO is a complex subject. That’s why MOZ toolbar is an awesome tool that provides you a remarkable set of statists from your site. You can choose the free version or premium toolbar.

MOZ is known to provide great instructions and articles that can help you better understand SEO, thereby, improving your site’s statistics.

It is great if you want to try something easy, especially if you are still new on this topic.

Google Trends

Although it is not exactly an SEO tool, it is the go-to place if you wish to know what is hot at this moment. Since this tech giant is a popular search engine in the world, you can easily see what its users are looking for.

Google Trends allows you to search by country or categories. You can also find the exact keywords that people are using to end up on a certain topic.

You may use this information to create relevant content for your site. Mostly, Google Trends will give you an idea of what people are reading right at this moment.

Google Keyword Planner

It offers a wealth of information on popular keywords. Then, fine tune your search with its advanced filtering options.

Open Site Explorer

You can use this tool to investigate both no follow and do follow links on your blog and competitor’s blogs. Apart from those, you can also see domain and page authority rankings. It is free to use. However, if you want a more detailed information, you may consider signing up for its premium service.

Tools That You Can Use for Your Blog

Bing Webmaster Tool

Don’t just focus your SEO efforts on Google. Bing is also a popular search engine that offers insight on how this search engine sees your site. The Bing Webmaster tool will show you clicks, crawling, indexation, on-page keyword optimization and other factors that can positively or negatively affect your performance.


There are plenty more tools like these online. It just takes patience to find the most useful ones for your business’ site.