Tips on How to Improve SEO Growth with Content Marketing


SEO and content marketing are two different things. However, as SEO Expert Danny explained in his training, these two overlap. That is, SEO and content marketing always go together. You cannot separate them, else your campaign will suffer.

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However, SEO is more technical. Its scope is narrower. Content marketing, on the other hand, is broader but more holistic.

To succeed in content marketing, however, you need SEO techniques.

You can also consider SEO as something that makes demands while content marketing fulfills them.

Furthermore, SEO demands content while content marketing is considered as content. You cannot have SEO sans content. Moreover, SEO requires keywords while content marketing uses keywords.

The only way to utilize keywords is to employ them throughout your content. Your content marketing strategy includes top-notch content designed and written for humans with the use of keywords that you target.

But you must never stuff your pages with keywords as Google Panda will punish you. When SEO and content marketing work together, your website will do just fine.

The question now is how you can build content marketing for your SEO growth?

1. Establish Goals

When establishing goals, you need to think about what you wish to accomplish. Is it about increasing leads, driving traffic or increasing sales?

At SEO Expert Danny, we always ask our clients what goals they wish to accomplish. We document those goals and use these details when it is time to create content.

For example, if your main goal is to increase leads, the strategy can be to build an ungated content that offers good insights. Then, inject CTA that points to a gated content that needs contact information.

Goals can be different from one company to another. But they are vital in helping our team of copywriters craft proper content that targets high-quality market and improves conversion.

2. Know Your Target Market

After knowing your goals, we will discuss who your audience is. It is the next step in setting up an ideal content marketing for SEO growth.

To identify your audience, check out the competition you are targeting. You can analyze their followers on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Then, look into their blog comments. There is no need to target the same audience. What you must do is find out how you can narrow down this group.

Knowing your audience can be taught. That’s why it is vital to work with an SEO expert, like Danny Star and his team.

We will help you identify your target market to ensure that your content marketing is geared towards that market or audience.

We have different techniques in understanding and identify your target market. Our team can create a buyer persona based on the data we have uncovered.

When we create content for your website, we always refer to this persona. In that way, the content speaks to that audience.

3. Identify the Pain Points

It is not enough to write content for your target market. You need to create content that can solve their pain points.

The pain points are factors that make your audience struggle. Our team of writers will also conduct research on forums and social media to find your audience’s pain points and look for answers.

4. Brainstorm Topics

Content marketing requests a lot of high-quality content. But you cannot just create any topics to discuss. You need to develop content that inspires and tickles your reader’s brain.

At SEO Expert Danny, we brainstorm topics and communicate with you about those topics to make sure that we do not get off-course.

5. Perform Keyword Research

Keywords are vital in SEO. When we create content, we write and inject long-tail keywords. But before we can come up with the perfect keywords, we conduct keyword research first using various tools.

From there, we will narrow down the best keywords related to the topics we have brainstormed. We do not stick to one keyword research tool. Rather, we use free and premium online tools to help us generate the best keywords for your content.

6. Publish Content on Own Domain

Part of winning the SEO game is to build authority and trust. And you cannot achieve that if you publish your content on social media. Your main focus must be on your own domain because you have total control over your content.

It is true that social media platforms can help you publish your content. However, you will not know until when it is going to stay there.

But when your content is housed in your own domain, you can control everything. You can edit it, rewrite or remove it.

Content Marketing, SEO and Medic Update

Many Los Angeles-based companies with websites have been hit by the Medic Update. That is their organic traffic and growth dove.

When they asked for our help, we saw a common flaw — they lack great content. Most of our clients’ websites maintain their high ranking because our team of SEO experts ensures that they are resistant to Medic Update.

On the Medic Update, Google emphasized great content. It is one of the things that Google measures when rating a page’s quality.

To meet the new guidelines, your content has to invoke expertise. That is, the site owner or the author must be an expert on the subject matter.

The content should also have authoritativeness to rank higher on the search engine. It means that your site must be credible. Then, it has to be trustworthy.

The main goal of Google is to show the highest-quality results for search terms. It is also about satisfying the searchers’ intent.

To meet the new guidelines, there are things that you can do to boost your SEO growth and improve your content marketing.

One of them is to optimize your author bio and the about us page. Since Google wants you to be an expert in your industry, you must show to your audience that your site is the authority or expert on the topic. Google wants to provide searchers the highest quality results.

To showcase your expertise, you need to maximize those pages we mentioned — About Us and Author Bio.

Apart from optimizing those pages, SEO Expert Danny also recommends purging or removing content that does not gain a lot of views or ranking.

One way to do that is to conduct a content audit to find which ones of your posts are performing poorly and which ones are giving you results.

If some of your posts are not helping your ranking, it is better to purge it or edit it.

Content auditing can be time-consuming. You will need a few hours of your time a day to look for posts that do not perform well. Do yourself a favor and leave this task to us.

One of the services that we offer here at SEO Expert Danny is a content audit. We will audit your site and its content. Before we purge it though, we will discuss it with you. If you think that the page is still worth it, we will edit it out to ensure that it meets the new Google guidelines.

However, we will only purge poor content from your site that has been around for a long time. If you have new content that is not ranking well yet, we will leave it as is.

We can redirect the URL of the pruned content to a similar topic or redirect audience to a home page.

After pruning your content, we will update your sitemap and put those redirects in their proper places.

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SEO is a long-term process. If you wish to grow your audience, increase your leads and boost your sales, you need to focus on your business.

As for your website, you may leave the task to our team of SEO experts. We will put your business in front of your audience so you can overthrow your competition once and for all.

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