Tips to Improve Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization
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It’s true that your visitors will forget what you wrote but they won’t ever forget you how made them feel while visiting your website. The user experience is paramount in optimizing your conversion rate. In this post, let’s talk about how to improve conversion rate optimization by enhancing user experience.

Make them fall in love with your site at first sight

Yes, love at first sight also applies to every website design. The first step to making them fall in love with your site is to make your page load faster. Place the most valuable elements of your site above-the-fold. Make sure that the most valuable real-estate on your page encourages scrolling. You must compel your visitors to delve deeper.

Make website design simple

Design that can improve conversions is a design that doesn’t cause a distraction to your visitors. Ensure that your visitors don’t have to spend time understanding what your icons mean. Your visitors prefer things that they’re familiar with. Thus, it’s safe to use elements that Internet users are already familiar with and it’s a must that your general layout must be clean and logical. And to avoid monotony, it’s ideal to use visual breaks.

Make text and images easy to understand

Most of your visitors are skimmers. They only scan your page until they find something that’ll catch their eyes. Huge images may look great but ensure that text and visuals are balanced. Break that large text into manageable chunks of details. Your landing page shouldn’t be a place where you display your being a poet. In other words, don’t use flowery words and use only formatting that can highlight keywords to attract further attention.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Make your form interesting

Although there are studies that show how short forms could convert better, it would sometimes mean that you’re receiving poor quality leads. Your visitors will read the entire form if you’re providing them with a desirable product.

However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t maximize your form for better conversion. It only means that when you do make a form, ensure that the buttons and text are in a conversational language. In other words, make form filling process a comfortable one.

These tips to improve conversation rate optimization aren’t applicable to everyone. Thus, you must take every tip with a grain of salt. Learn, test and debunk those tips that don’t apply to your site.