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Does it feel like you’re producing a lot of content but it just isn’t connecting with your target audience? Do you work very hard to create the sort of content that drives conversions yet all you’re doing is driving yourself crazy? It’s all too easy to work hard with little result. Our SEO agency in Los Angeles has helped many to grow their businesses who were in that exact position. One way to improve: provide more solutions in your content. 


The tips we list below are for written content such as blogs, service pages, and the like. However, you can utilize this advice in other kinds of content, too: videos, social media posts, TikToks, podcasts, and more. These tips are universal. 


Lead With the Solutions 


A client is ours is an excellent personal injury and workers’ compensation attorney with a wealth of experience. When someone comes to his site, they don’t have to go very far to find that out. 

The first thing most notice on the Belal Hamideh home page (other than the attorney himself holding an enormous check with a satisfied client) are the words “Turn Your Injury a Victory” followed by “Personal Injury and Accident Attorney.” 


Boom. Now you have a solid idea of who Belal is and what he can do. It’s enough to draw someone in, to get them to scroll down just a bit. 


There, you’ll find five solutions for clients. Belal can get “maximum compensation,” “referral to the best doctors,” “peace of mind” (for clients), “no regrets” (for clients) and “financial freedom.” 


These aren’t cluttered with lots of text, nor do they have all kinds of pictures or pop-ups. Instead, Belal leads with the solutions, giving people exactly what they want when they arrive. From there, someone is much more likely to go to the rest of his site, to see how Belal can help and, ultimately, to reach out to him. 

arka example from SEO agency in Los Angeles

arka example from SEO agency in Los Angeles

Show and Tell 


The above is an example from a home page. You don’t have to do this just in the place where most users will have their first impression cemented. Rather, you can do it throughout your content, too. 


An example of this: from the company “Arka,” on the page for their “custom poly mailers.” 


The description starts with describing the best attributes of the mailers, how they’re “eco-friendly, strong yet lightweight” and then how they make “labeling your shipments easy.” 


After that, they show how these can solve problems you may have had, because these mailers are “tear, tamper, and waterproof to secure the safety of your non-fragile products.” 


Demonstrating expertise, the description goes on to say that users should “allow for a half-inch border for artwork around your bag, single and double-sided options available.” 


If you had any more doubts about these, they’re “great for apparel and other soft items.” 


So, in just a few words, the company showcased the best qualities of the product, how it solves problems, how you can use them to get the most out of them, and who might benefit most from them. 


That’s the kind of functional, value-laden content that you should have throughout your site. 


Answer Questions Before They’re Asked 


If you’re like plenty of folks who create content, you know that your potential customers/clients are going to have questions. So, the sooner you can answer those questions, the better. 

A fine example of this is a great client of ours, Insight Treatment. They, as their homepage says, provide “teen mental health treatment.” 


Right up top, they show everything they can help with, as they can provide support “whether your teen is suffering from a mental health disorder, anxiety, trauma, or ADHD, or is having behavior problems such as self-harm, addictive behaviors, aggression,” etc. 


You might say “That seems like a lot of text.” Perhaps, but it serves a purpose. It lets parents of kids who are dealing with many problems know that there is help. 


Then, anticipating that parents are going to wonder whether or not they should send their teen to a place that provides teen-only treatment, Insight explains that “our fundamental belief is that teens need to feel they belong to a community of their peers. Teens will only really open up and express their emotional pain and challenges when they feel safe in this type of environment.” 

Next, to really answer questions that parents might have, Insight adds: “As much as our teens need support and guidance, parents need it, too!” Then, they go on to explain groups for parents. 


Right on their homepage, first thing you see, Insight showcases all of the services they offer, answering the most pertinent questions that parents might have. From there, it’s a direct line to those parents reaching out for a free evaluation. 


A SEO Agency in Los Angeles That Can Help 


The above are just some of the examples of this. By following the examples here, you can provide your customers/clients with more value more quickly. That way, you’ll be more likely to convert them, to being able to provide the solutions you know how to provide. If you’d like more help with that and anything else related to omnichannel digital marketing, we can help. You can schedule a free consultation with us through our site or by calling (888) 477-9540.