TikTok Trends for Business: Upgrade Your Digital Marketing Package

Digital Marketing package
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Did you know TikTok has surpassed 1 billion active users? Businesses still ignoring the platform are missing a massive (and surprisingly diverse) audience. But there’s a right AND a wrong way to leverage TikTok for growth. Website Depot isn’t just fluent in the latest trends – we’re fluent in translating those trends into real marketing success, and want to show you how to include this social media platform in your digital marketing package.

It used to be that only teens danced on TikTok. No longer. As of January 2024, new research found that 18% of TikTok’s global audience were women between 18 and 24 years, while male users of the same age made up approximately 18.6% of the platform’s audience. That’s a potential customer pool most businesses must pay attention to. But finding success on TikTok isn’t guaranteed if you’re playing catch-up.

The real fear, and one we hear a lot – “Is all this effort WORTH it for my business?” It’s understandable! There’s pressure to seem ‘youthful’, but jumping on trends mindlessly risks looking foolish and wasting valuable marketing dollars. 

Website Depot Keeps You AHEAD of The TikTok Trend Curve

We don’t just chase what’s popular on TikTok; we strategically dissect its ever-changing algorithm. Businesses need their content to be seen by the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time. Our dedicated services ensure:

  • You Fit the Niche: Only some industries should do trending dances. We’ll find that TikTok “voice” that aligns with your brand without feeling cringe-worthy.
  • The Past Informs the Future: Have you tried and failed on TikTok in the past? We analyze those videos to uncover where you should refine your approach rather than abandoning the platform altogether.
  • Strategic, Not Haphazard: We link your TikTok presence to your larger online marketing strategy, turning fun videos into actual leads and sales.

The Tech News Your Competition Missed

TikTok keeps innovating. Has your business kept up with the new TikTok feature that could transform all posts into shoppable moments? The social media giant is testing this feature, representing the company’s latest move to create a multi-billion-dollar US e-commerce business. The new feature uses technology to identify objects in a video automatically. Then, it encourages viewers to “find similar items on TikTok Shop” by clicking on a page of products, according to screenshots and posts viewed on the app. If you need to learn more about these upcoming updates, don’t worry. We specialize in ensuring your digital marketing package stays ahead of the curve.

Digital Marketing package

Stop Chasing, Start Leading: Your TikTok Refresh Package

Let Website Depot show you how TikTok IS part of a savvy 2024 marketing plan. Get ready to dominate, not just participate, because this isn’t about going viral just for the sake of fame. Our packages turn buzz into profit through the following:

  • Consultation That Calms Fears: Get personalized advice based on your goals, niche, and the trends that deserve your dollar in this competitive social environment.
  • Content Audits Save You Time: If you’ve had some unperformed videos, we uncover those posts with untapped potential.
  • Strategic Scheduling = Smarter Spending: TikTok amplifies your website, email list, and existing efforts for maximum impact. Let’s craft a TikTok-integrated digital marketing package for true ROI.

Start Working On Your Winning Strategy with Our Digital Marketing Package

Let Website Depot be your TikTok navigator in 2024. Don’t let digital platforms pass you by! Book your consultation today, and stop watching everyone else win from the sidelines.