Things You Must Know About SEO Traffic

Things You Must Know About SEO Traffic

The majority of consumers start their buying process with a search engine, which is a popular marketing channel. Marketers understand its importance, so they include it as part of their overall marketing strategy.

If you wish to incorporate it in your marketing tactic, you need an SEO expert to assist you. That’s because SEO is still a mystery, even to the most experienced marketers.

While you wait for an SEO expert to teach you how to optimize your website for the search engine, there are things that you must know and do to improve your site’s ranking now.

On Page SEO

For every page you create, you need to use the right SEO keywords. On your homepage, for example, you need to use the most valuable keywords, which are terms used by your buyers.

If your site managed to rank #1 for a particular target keyword, your site will highly likely to rank for similar variations.

Now, after you have researched the right keywords to use for your homepage and entire site, it is vital that you write posts regularly. Each post should have great content. Bear in mind that long content has the tendency to rank higher than low content.

For the search engine, long content means it has been researched thoroughly. Make sure that you back up your post with citations.

Throughout the long content, insert the keywords naturally. Keep in mind that Google’s algorithm is sophisticated enough that you don’t need to repeat your keywords like a robot. In other words, use synonyms.

H1 Tags

The next step is to make sure you optimize your site’s H1 tags. This tag is usually utilized for the title of a post. Again, there’s no need to write a post like a robot. If you can’t come up with a title that contains the keyword phrase in that order, you may re-arrange it. Doing so will still optimize your post the target keyword.

Things You Must Know About SEO Traffic


The post’s URL should be short and include the target keyword. You may allow your CMS to auto-generate the URL. However, it never hurts to check and set it manually.


There are plenty of things you can do to improve your site’s ranking. Since SEO is a complicated topic, you need the help of an SEO expert. By hiring a professional, you can focus on how to grow your business, instead of focusing on optimising your website.