The Way Forward Involves More Human Interaction 

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Working remotely has been great for a writer like me. In fact, before the pandemic even began, I worked a large majority of the time from home. But, there’s a very big difference between “being able to work from home” and “being forced to work from home.” 


Besides, “working from home” used to mean “working from a coffee shop, diner, park, cafe or any other establishment” and now it means, well, working from home. I do miss the happenstance, random encounters with someone at work or elsewhere. That’s the kind of thing that can’t really be recreated right now.  


So, human interaction is at a premium. Zoom meetings, podcasts, and more are all great, but your customers are going to want more “human” interactions moving forward. That can have multiple definitions. 


Your Customers Are Going Through the Same Struggles You Are 


That may sound a bit “pat,” but it’s true. Right now, your customers (and potential customers) have the same fears, doubts, and concerns that you do about, well, everything. Re-opening, the economy, remote work, the future, and more: your customers harbor very similar feelings. This is true in essentially whatever industry you’re in. 


So, speak to that. 


It may sound a bit odd to say “tell your potential customers what you would want to hear from your company,” but it’s true. That means not “sugar-coating” anything. They have to be able to trust you. The more honest you can be with them, the better. 


However, it’s important to never confuse negativity with honesty. Yes, there are real, dangerous challenges in the world right now. But, to focus exclusively on them is (and omit anything positive or optimistic) is to be just as blinkered as someone who believes that everything is perfectly OK. 


The more you can speak to your customers’ and clients’ fears right now, at this moment, the better off you’ll be. That’s true for the end of June as well as moving forward. 


Don’t Forget the Phone Call 


When the pandemic first hit, Danny had the foresight to move the company to remote work. Instituting Zoom meetings and more, we were all able to stay in contact with each other. 


In those early days of figuring out how we were going to be able to stay in touch with clients, customers, and more, it became obvious that one of the best ways to do so was to make a phone call. In fact, that quickly became an in-joke that emerged at our company: “you could make an old-fashioned phone call.” 


The truth is that people like getting those phone calls more than you might think. That’s especially true now. A study from the company “Spotio” found that “50% of buyers like speaking over the phone, compared to 70% of reps.” Now, a phone call can be more powerful than ever before. Do not discount how potent it can be to talk to someone without having to see your own face. 


A phone call “out of the blue” can be just the thing to make up for those “random interactions” that we’ve all been missing during the pandemic. That’s true in digital marketing, of course, but it’s true in life as well. 


A Way Forward No Matter What 


Of course, it’s very unlikely that a phone call alone is going to help your company through this. To get to where you want to be, during a pandemic or any other time, it requires a plan that works. Here at Website Depot, we can help you to develop exactly that. You can learn more by calling us at (888) 477-9540.