The Value of Video Testimonials on Law Firm’s Websites

The Value of Video Testimonials on Law Firms Websites

Testimonials, per se, can help you earn potential clients’ trust. The reason for this is that people trust other people more than they trust marketing collateral. Thus, testimonials can add more weight to their decision of whether or not they hire your firm. But to further help them in their decision-making, you may add video testimonials. It’s another SEO law firm’s trick.

Why SEO Law Firms Must Consider Video Testimonials?

Video content can help people in their buying decisions. When watching a video testimonial, your potential clients can relate to the challenges your current clients face. They can recognize that you are the law firm that can help them in overcoming their obstacles.

The Authenticity of Video Testimonials

Unlike testimonials in a text format, video testimonials can capture emotion, making them more authentic than other forms of media. Clients would rather watch video testimonials than read the same testimonial. But is video testimonial great for SEO?

SEO and Video Testimonials for Law Firms: Good or Bad?

“60% of businesses use video as a marketing tool,” according to this study. Search engines love videos. If you wish to hold the sweet spot in search engine results, consider video content. It’ll get more organic page rankings. Thus, if you choose to add video testimonials, you’re giving readers or visitors what you want.

How to Optimize Video Testimonials?

If you’re new to digital marketing, consider talking to SEO experts. They can help you optimize your clients’ video testimonials. The experts can turn your page visits into leads. They can use video testimonials at multiple stages of the “buying” process. These experts can make the video a versatile tool to generate leads.

Boosting Conversion

Is your current landing page not gaining enough traction? You can change it by adding video testimonials from your existing clients. They can help in increasing landing page conversions. You’ll soon see an increase in conversion rates when you use your clients’ testimonial videos. But the problem is how are you going to produce video testimonials that you can integrate into your landing page to boost conversation? Leave it to experts. They have a team of professional videographers who can deliver high-faulty customer testimonial videos.

How to Obtain Video Testimonials from Customers?

You may have the right resources to produce video testimonials. But how are you going to convince your clients to record a testimonial?

  • One effective way is to pick the right customer. Many of your long-time clients are willing to help you with this goal.
  • Perks can also be a great way to convince them. You may offer them discounts on your legal services.

Optimizing the Video Testimonials

Now that you have produced video testimonials, the next thing to do is to make them work for you. Optimize the video to increase conversions. You don’t have to do anything if you work with an agency that offers SEO for law firms. It can make the videos work to positively impact your bottom line. Get your free consultation today at (855) 605-7361.