The Top Local SEO Expert Tips You Must Know in 2022

The Top Local SEO Expert Tips You Must Know in

Local SEO has become invaluable for any type of business. It aids local residents to find your business. It also provides more information to people who may wish to visit your city and find out what the best businesses are in that area. To implement proper local SEO strategies, consider these local SEO expert tips. 

Tips from the Local SEO Expert 

Write Content for Customers First 

Content is vital in SEO. Without content, no one will find your site. Search engines can’t also understand what your site is all about. But when you do write content for your site, make sure to do these things: 

  • Insert identifiers. They can be the name of the city, county, neighborhood, etc. 
  • Create pages for top FAQs from customers. This will ensure that you answer all the questions your potential customers might have about your business. 
  • Determine unique selling points. You may have to talk to your sales team or interview some of your customers/clients to help you identify them. 

Fight Spam 

Fake listings are on the rise. If you are in the personal injury business, then your industry is on top of the industries with a lot of fake listings. Spam can come back to torment your ranking. Although Google has no specific guidelines on this issue, you should seriously find ways in fighting spam. One way to combat it is to delete duplicate listings. Opt to merge listings as they can help your ranking. 

Perform SEO Audit 

SEO is an ongoing process. You might have hit all the points but it doesn’t mean that you have to take a break. It means that you must not stop making changes to your site. Always find out what works on your site and what doesn’t. Hence, it’s ideal to carry out a comprehensive audit to find out where your site stands. You will also know what other tasks to perform to achieve your goals. 

Enhance Internal Linking Structure 

External links are vital. However, internal linking can also help in boosting your SEO rankings. Internal links support site navigation. They can also assist with information architecture and site hierarchy. Furthermore, they can distribute page authority. 

Optimize Meta Tags 

Every time you post a new blog, it’s an opportunity to be indexed by Google. Thus, make sure to optimize its URL, title tags, meta description, headers, and content. Choose to use high-volume keywords in the URL and meta tags. If you are not sure how to create geo-targeted content, you may wish to highlight your customer success stories. Or you may feature case studies. 

Add Location Pages 

If you have a brick-and-mortar shop and it is located in various cities or locations, then it’s ideal to add location pages. These pages provide visitors with your name, phone number, address, store hours, unique store description, etc. But avoid duplicating content across pages. If you only have one location, consider optimizing your About Us page. 

If you don’t have time to carry out these tricks, make sure to work with a local SEO expert here: (855) 605-7361.