The Safe Workplace of Tomorrow Today (or in the Days to Come) 

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As of this writing, more places are beginning to open up their offices and storefronts. Yes, the pandemic is still a present danger. It will remain so for some time. For example, at our main office in Los Angeles, Danny decided to allow employees to work remotely through the rest of 2020. However, he has also made it so that some employees can come and work in the office if they would like. There are some guidelines to keep in mind if you’re going to start letting people back into your place of business, whether they’re staff, clients, customers, or anyone else. 


A Focus on Safety 


No matter how great your company or business is, no one’s going to want to come by if you try to skimp on safety. That’s the most important thing now for essentially every kind of business, from restaurants to San Diego SEO marketing to everything else. The last thing anyone wants to do is to take their health (or potentially) their life in their hands to get through their workday, patronize your business, or something similar. 


Being safe is important and there’s nothing wrong with showing your commitment to that, either. Marking your floors (if possible) so as to help model proper social distancing is a great idea for any public space. Obviously, you’re going to increase what you clean, how thoroughly and how often. But, in addition to that, you can’t have too many cleaning items (including hands-free soap dispensers and the like). 


You don’t have to keep this to yourself, either. Putting those kinds of changes on social media, in your company newsletters and in other places will show that you’ve made a real commitment to improvement and safety. That can give potential customers the kind of peace of mind it takes to go out to a business during these times. On top of that, it can make your employees want to work for you even more. 


Collaboration and Personal Space 

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The stock photo above is an example of what not to do. In the recent past, many workspaces were designed with the idea of packing as many people into a space as possible. Whether it was open air or not, the goal was to put plenty of workers into one place. Now, the opposite should be the goal. Yes, it’s fine to have workers in your office, but you want to spread them out. The easiest steps (which you should be or have probably already implemented) are to stagger shifts. That way, by having more people working at different times, it can almost be physically impossible to violate social distancing. 


Another idea: look at how your work space is laid out. Seek to remove density wherever possible. Before your employees return (or when they’re not there) walk through your workspace by yourself. See how easy it is for you to move. If you would have to adjust your body to avoid someone else (or to avoid being within six feet of someone else) you need to make some changes. If you can’t do it by yourself in an empty office, your staff, in the middle of a busy workday while on the clock, would almost certainly be unable to do so. 


When people think about how they can make their workplace safer, they tend to focus only on cleaning and social distancing. That makes sense, as those are critically important. One area that often gets overlooked: air quality. Remember, one thing we have learned about COVID-19 during the pandemic is that you’re more likely to get it inside than outside. 


Droplets with COVID-19 can hang in the air longer inside than they would outside. So, it can be a great boon to make the kinds of changes to your air quality that can help. The best thing you can hope for is to feel like you’ve done too much. That, in all ways, beats the alternative. 


Stay Flexible 


Business owners are learning more and more about how to improve their workspaces almost daily. As new information comes out, as the facts change, be sure that you can change with them. That’s true when it comes to your workspace, your employee policies, and it’s true for your digital marketing as well. Here at Website Depot, we can help you to build the kind of responsible web design, branding, and more, that can help your business to thrive in practically any kind of environment. For more: (888) 477-9540.