The Report You Need to Understand What’s Going on to Your Site

Report You Need to Understand

What’s really the point of an SEO expert report? When you obtain our free website SEO audit report here, there are plenty of details that you may not understand. As an attorney who manages your own law firm’s website, you might not care about the 404 pages or the duplicate content. What’s really important for you is “money.” But you can’t find that in the report. It’s unfortunate.

SEO Expert Report to Know the Real ROI

The point of an SEO report is to help you better understand what the real ROI of your SEO is. It will help you see the impact of your SEO effort if you made any. SEO Expert Danny ensures that the report looks good. You’ll only see meaningful numbers that you understand.

We understand that SEO is a bit complicated but we’re here to make it easier for you to grasp it. The report looks good so you will want to look at it and be curious to know more about optimizing your law firm’s website.

SEO expert report

What You Must Do After Receiving the Report

Once you have submitted your site for SEO audit, we’ll send the SEO report for you to read and understand whether or not your SEO is working. We’ll provide recommendations on what to do next to ensure that your site will be seen by Google and other search engines.

On-Page SEO

When you receive the report, you will find the on-page SEO recommendations you need to tweak your website. This is necessary to make sure that the page matches a user’s intent. If you hit that, your search ranking may improve.

You may need to conduct keyword research or add high-quality content to your blog or website that talks about a targeted keyword. And as part of on-page SEO, you need to include proper titles and meta descriptions. They are vital elements to any on-page SEO.

Technical Side of SEO

This is a part of SEO that users can’t see but they will still experience it. Technical SEO tackles the backend of your site, like its speed. The longer your site loads the more likely your visitors will leave upon landing on your site. The report will also state whether or not your site is mobile-friendly. This is a vital ranking factor that you must seriously consider.

Off-Page SEO

This is the most difficult part because you can’t control most of it. Off-page SEO involves links. Backlinks remain the most important factor. But unlike before, backlinks need to be relevant.

If your site receives backlinks from unrelated domains, search engines may not count it. However, if it comes from a high-domain website, you may hit the jackpot because search engines may consider your site to be relevant to the point that a popular website “recommends” it.

The recommendations in the SEO expert report may be too complicated for you to understand or you have no time to go through them. But don’t worry as our SEO experts are here to guide you. Let our experts help you get the ROI that you seek. Call us here: (855) 605-7361.