The Ranking Factors to Focus on to Increase Chances of Appearing in the SERP

The Ranking Factors to Focus on to Increase Chances of Appearing in the SERP

Google and other search engines are using various factors to rank websites. However, even the most experienced SEO expert can only tackle a few ranking factors. So, you should do the same.

Ranking Factors: What SEO Expert Wants You to Focus on?

Core Web Vitals

They represent indications of page quality that can improve user experience. This is a ranking factor that can help manage your reputation. These indicators are the following:

  • Loading. It indicates how long your page loads from the point of view of the user. Backlinko recommends hitting LCP in 2.5 seconds. If your site gets a higher score, consider removing those unnecessary third-party scripts or you may want to upgrade your web host.
  • Interactivity. This is the First Input Delay that takes into account how users interact with sites. It’s like a page speed score but goes a step beyond by measuring what the users are doing on your page. To improve the score, you may enable a browser cache or remove non-critical third-party scripts.
  • Visual Stability. It’s the cumulative layout shift that shows how stable the page is as it loads. You’ll get a higher CLS if the page moves around as the page loads.

On-Page Optimization

You can control this factor by ensuring your content is fully optimized. That is, you need to add meta tags, header tags that can help in guiding search engine bots to interpret your content. When you fully optimize your page, it increases your site’s chances of boosting organic traffic. Indeed, Google may replace meta tags with quotes from your content, you must still consider adding compelling meta tags for every page on your site.

Content Accuracy

Quality is the key when it comes to content. With the introduction of EAT guidelines, Google wants site owners to ensure that the content they publish is useful to the readers. EAT stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Thus, prioritize publishing content that can demonstrate your expertise.

Video Search

Adding videos to your page is another way to encourage your visitors to stay longer on your site. Incorporating videos into your optimization stagey is vital. Most consumers now prefer video over text when they search for marketing information.


Backlinks remain a vital part of any SEO strategy. But you must not focus on outbound links. Rather, you should also include inbound links to your strategy. These links can help guide visitors to other parts or pages of your site. However, you can’t just link to the other pages of your site. Keep in mind that Google has become better at determining linking patterns.

Align Your Game Plan

Make sure that your game plan aligns with Google and other search engines’ guidelines. Hence, you must talk to an SEO expert about how you can improve your ranking scores. Talk to SEO Expert Danny today to find out what services can help your website or business improve its visibility online: (855) 605-7361.