The Question to Ask As You Make Your Website, Content, & Everything Else 

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“One weird trick…” 

“One question they don’t want you to ask…” 

“The one thing you need to know right now…” 

You’ve probably seen so, so many blogs or articles that start that way. 

I certainly have. 

I’ve also read plenty of blogs that say something like: “start your content with an attention-grabbing statement. Pick something that promises to solve your reader’s problems when they read it!” 

Others have read those, too. 

Hence, every “one weird trick” headline. 

(Most of which, by the way, redefine “one weird trick” to be “one thing you probably knew to do anyway, as well as an opportunity for you to give us money and clicks since we mentioned it.”) 

That’s certainly not what I’m writing today here.

There is one question to keep in mind, one big thing to ask when you’re making your website, your content, or anything else. 



The Question Itself 


“Would this be good enough if it was for a client?” 

This is easy for those of us at a web design in LA company to work our minds around. 

After all, we make websites, content, and more for our clients. So, when we devise our own, we ask: “would this be good enough for a client?” 

If it isn’t, then we keep working until it is. 

You might think: “good for you, but my job isn’t designing websites or anything like that.” 

The same rule applies. 

When you’re putting your content on your website, do you put the same effort into it that you do into your work? 

Do you work as hard and do as much for your own company as you would for your customers? 

It’s normal to say: “sure,” shrug your shoulders and get back to your day. 

But, take a moment to answer it. 

If you feel at all like you don’t, if there’s even a nagging suspicion that you don’t, then it’s time for a change. 



Working for Your Customers/Clients, Working for You 


As a business owner, it’s normal to get so wrapped up in doing right by your customers/clients that you don’t put that same effort forth for your own company. 

The same effort you put into finding the right office/storefront for your business is the same you should put into your website. 

As much as you put into physical advertising (billboards and so forth) is the same that you should put into digital marketing (if not more so!) 

That’s how you serve your customers as well as yourself. 

At our full-service digital marketing and web design in LA company, we can help with that and anything else. For more: (888) 477-9540.