The Positive Kind of Gatekeeping – Benefits of Gated Content 

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“So, how do we build our email list?” 

“I want a larger customer base but, uh, how can we make that happen?” 

Those are among many of the most common questions we’re asked early on by clients. 

They’re good questions. Our full-service digital marketing team has essentially limitless ways (and methods) of answering them. 

One that’s often overlooked, that isn’t going to be the right fit for everyone, is “gated content.” That could be just the thing to broaden your email list and so much more. 



What You Want to Open the “Gate”


The “gated” process is usually quite simple. 

You offer something on your website or through your social media. 

Then, if the customer wants it, they have to give you something. 

Usually, it’s their email address. 

Then, once they’ve done that, you “open the gate.” 

This is great for any number of reasons. 

You get their email address, of course. Just as (if not more) importantly, they gave it to you because they’re interested. 

Sure, it doesn’t mean that they’re going to buy something necessarily. But, it does mean that they were interested enough to do more than just click on your site. 



Who This Can Work For 


Just about any business of any kind. 

The best lawyers SEO practices often include putting resources, ebooks, even case studies behind the “gate.” A gardening website could put a list of techniques, restaurant/grocery stores certain recipes, that kind of thing. 

It doesn’t have to be much, but it has to be something. 

For someone to feel like they did the right thing in giving you their email address, you have to be able to provide them something with real value. 

Studies have shown that people are more conscientious about giving out their data than ever before. Even something as small as an email address may not be handed out quite as “willy-nilly” (to use a technical phrase) as it has been in the past. 

By offering something that someone is actually going to want and be able to use, no matter how minuscule, you can connect to a customer on a deeper level. 



A (Possibly Second) Chance to Make a Great First Impression 


“A Christmas Story” is one of those classic movies. As of last year, certain TV stations still showed it all day on the holiday. 

It has perhaps the best cinematic example of “gated content” gone wrong. 

The movie’s hero listens to his favorite radio show every night. Each night, a different letter is given, and when it’s complete, the hero will receive a secret message from his favorite character. 

After listening to so many shows and copiously writing down the message, our hero finds that the message is… “Drink More Ovaltine.” 

It’s a hilarious, sad, and touching moment. 

To look at it from a marketing perspective, it’s terrible marketing. 

All that work and effort on the customer’s part to be given just a slogan, with no value whatsoever. 

That’s funny in a movie, but the last thing you want to have happen to your company. 

Instead, you can use this “gated content” to really make a great impression. 

If people don’t feel it’s valuable, they’ll feel like the hero of “A Christmas Story.” 

Provide something valuable and folks will be glad that they gave you their email address. They’ll probably be ready to give you more than that, too. 

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