The Need to Optimize Site for Other Countries

The Need to Optimize Site for Other Countries

Hiring an SEO expert is vital to help your brand reach the top of the search results. Ideally, SEO can help your site climb to the top 5 positions for a certain keyword. However, if you’re expanding outside the local markets, you may consider optimizing your site for international users.

Capturing New Audience with the Help of SEO Expert

If you wish to expand your reach and find a new audience, then creating an SEO campaign can help. SEO is vital because there are billions of searches each day. With this number, there’s an immense opportunity for you to capture new customers. However, when you expand your brand, the current SEO practices may not help. They may even hurt your brand when you market it in other countries. Thus, what you need is an international SEO strategy.

Easy for Search Engines and Your New Audience to Understand

The goal of international SEO strategy is the same as the goal of local SEO strategy. But it has additional elements. It still combines policies, processes, and practices that your brand is using to optimize your site. But you need to add factors that take into account languages that you support. For instance, if you cater to people in China, you may want to add a Chinese translation to your website.

According to Crazy Egg, “If your website is in English, you will get your message across to about 27% of the market. Put another way, about 73% of the global market prefers websites with content in their native language. If people don’t understand the content of your website, you cannot hope to make a sale. You need to give your visitors the option of a localized experience, and for that, you need a translation.”

Serving the Right Pages to the Right Users

Having an international SEO strategy requires that you focus on creating content for the local market and develop a structure to serve the right pages for the right users. For instance, if you sell protein shake to Canada, you need to ensure that the visitors from Canada will be sent to the page with information about Canadian fees and shipping times. The pricing must also be in CAD.

Do You Need International SEO Strategy?

Not all websites are required to implement an international SEO campaign. You can only leverage it if you have to cater to an international audience. And if you have no plans to expand internationally, then there’s no use in having this strategy. You just have to focus on local SEO strategy. If your brand is entirely local, an international SEO strategy will only hurt your business. If you’re still not sure whether to implement an international SEO strategy, it’s best to talk to an expert. Here at SEO Expert Danny, we offer a consultation so that our potential clients will understand how our team can improve their sites’ rankings. It will also help them assess whether our SEO expert is the right fit for them. Call us today for a consultation: (855) 605-7361.