The Need to Hire an SEO Agency for Your Law Firm’s Website

Need to Hire an SEO Agency

The importance of SEO for law firms can’t be overstated. Having a good SEO can help your law firm’s site to appear on the search engine results page. In that case, it increases the likelihood of your potential clients seeing what you can offer. And if they see your site, they click through and visit your site.

SEO for Law Firms to Boost Traffic to Your Site

Optimizing your law firm’s website for the search engine can bring more traffic to your website. What it means is that it translates to more phone calls to your law firm. It also means higher conversion rates. The majority of searchers who visit a law firm’s site are likely to take some action. That is, they either give you a call or visit your law firm’s office to seek legal counsel.

Hiring SEO Agency to Boost Page Experience

Google released its Page Experience ranking factors that include mobile-friendly, HTTPS, core web vitals, and no intrusive interstitials. The company just finished rolling it out this month. But why bother knowing this update?

SEO for law firms

Important Ranking Factor

If you want to increase traffic to your law firm’s website, you need to meet Google Page Experience requirements. Even though relevance is still the most vital part of a search ranking, page experience is necessary. It’s a ranking factor, and not just a factor made up by some SEO experts.

Core Web Vitals

This is a significant ranking factor that was dismissed as inconsequential in the past. However, John Mueller said that it’s worth paying attention to because it’s a ranking factor. Then again, he recommends taking all the necessary optimizations and find out ones that are worth spending your time on.

Page Experience is Vital

If you want your website to appear first on the first page of the SERP and boost your site traffic, you need to pay attention to those ranking signals. Unfortunately, if you’re an attorney, it’s difficult to tweak your site to make sure that it meets the Page Experience Update.

That’s why we’re here for you. At SEO Expert Danny, we are always on the lookout for updates and we implement those updates to our clients’ websites. And if we work together, we can help your law firm’s website in meeting those important ranking factors for Page Experience.

Because the Page Experience Ranking factors are real, you need to be prudent. As your SEO expert team, we will improve your site and make sure that it aligns with the Page Experience Signals that Google has laid out. In that way, your site and pages will have better chances of winning the top spot in the SERP.

But improving your page experience will not just improve your site’s traffic. It also makes your site more engaging. People will stay on your site to know you more. And if they decide to hire an attorney, they are likely to pick your law firm. If you are ready to change your site’s ranking, SEO for law firms is our best option. Call us here for more details about this service: (855) 605-7361.